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This is undoubtedly the year of the OCCUPY  MOVEMENT, YET IT  receives little or no real coverage and thus we are mostly unaware of what it stands for.  It is a groundswell of anger against the greed which grew from  milton friedmans flawed economics and his assumtion that GREED IS GOOD for the market theory that even he had to recently admit was all wrong and was basically rubbish!  Rubbish that destroyed millions upon millions of jobs and now billions of lives around the globe!  Reagan and Thatcher swallowed the economic greed pill and the trickle down theory.  The service industry driven economy can only exist on sound manufacturing foundations which establish the  wealth to a level where a service economy can then develop.

Silly jargon like outsourcing destroyed more jobs than it created and the economic argument of cheap labor is a falacy which does not last and therefore is useless long term.  The labourer is worthy of his or her hire.  Eventually the cheap labour pool realise the value of their work and demand more. rightly so.

Just what is the Occupy movement we are going to investigate and find out, however it is active from wall street to Threadneedle street, from the PArthenon to the dome of the rock you might say and the demonstrations which have been ongoing in the middle east for years, being ignored by the world mainstream media erupted into what was called the Arab Spring,  yet  there are some who question Libya was a groundswell against Gadaffi and others do the same in Syria and Russias Navy is strategically placed to stop NATO from a repeat performance of Libya.

We live in interesting times.

anyone who had been in an occupy demonstration anywhere in the world , but especially in U.S.A. let me know if you have been roughly handled or tear gassed.

Thanks add your comment and contact below.Thanks

S. Nicol, Editor,

one of the 99%!



In recent times there has been an increased interest in investigating the major crime of the downing of Pan Am 103 over the South western Scottish market town of Lockerbie.  It became synonymous with the larges European terrorist atrocity when Pan Am 103 was blown out of the sky by terrorists most likely in retaliation for the downing of the Iran Air 655 over the Gulf earlier in the same year – 1988.  The number of police to be put on this detail is to be increased according to the Dumfries headquarters.  It also suggested a team may well go to Libya, but this would be to little avail as this was most likely a crime planned out of Iran.  Indeed much of the detail of it is in the public domain in 1989 when a Jordanian journal printed by dissidents from that country published  Ad  Dustur which had a fascinating article outlining the crime and who was most likely involved.

The intelligence reports in the U.S.A. also cleared Libya of the crime outlining it was most likely the interterror group including Abu Nidal and his cohorts Ahmad Jibril of the PFLP-GC and Hezbollah people including members of the Guardians of the Islamic Republic who shortly after the tragedy claimed  responsibility.  so why oh why did the U.S.A. government and the UK  government blame Gadaffi’s Libya.   Gadaffi was certainly a signatory of the cooperation and pact which established the interterror group, possibly the progenitor of Al Qaeda,  at a meeting in the Carlton Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon as was Syria and Iran part of the groupings backing.  However, there were murkier goings ons in the shadows with connections to illegal arms and drugs from the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.  The Iran Contra gang and the Drugs trade encouraged in Afghanistan to help affect the Russian army which invaded that country and deals to sell arms to Iran who were fighting Iraq and funnelling drugs and money to the contras all was sanctined and planned as the Arc of crisis by Kissinger and the Reagan administration.  Indeed the targets on the iran air plane were not onboard, but the targets on PA 103 WERE THE EIGHT CIA TEAM coming back according to one source with a scandal that would make Watergate look like a Sunday School Picnic!  I will never reveal my source for this comment, but suffice to say it is impeccable and trustworthy.  Indeed the shinanigans going on in the middle east and Cyprus at that time was featured in a senate banking committee report which eventually came to my attention entitled :-  DRUGS, PRESIDENT BUSH, THE NEXT IRAQGATE!

Like so many senate oversight committees this report is buried in the beaurocracy files and little if anything gets followed up.  That detailed report pointed out that the drugs trade in Lebanon had direct links to the Syrian military and even the Defence Minister at that time and the key person was CIA asset Monzer Al kassar, who is now languishing in prison in the U.S.A.  Abu Nidal was murdered shortly before shock and awe and the key Hezbollah man Imad Mugniya ( mastermind of the kidnapping of Terry Waite et al)  was blown up on a rare visit outside Iran in recent years.  Clearing up by the big boys I guess.

The investigation should also be followed by a neutral inquiry of the whole trial of Abdel Baset Al Megrahi who was WRONGLY convicted of this crime while the other person on the wrap sheet as the americans would say walked free NOT GUILTY.  Seems somewhat strange when they were supposedly co conspiritors.

Let us watch with interest if the Police are brave enough to follow the original inquiry to Syria and Jibril as Paul Channon then the Transport minister, prior to Maggie being ordered to sack him by G. H. W. Bush, President, (Maggie Thatcher the then Prime Minister) .  The trail is very murky as much evidence was removed, probably by CIA people even a body or a survivor! (Remeber the disparity in the number of bodies Dr. D. Fieldhouse, tagged.)

moving someone on a gurney!

moving someone on a gurney!

In the coming weeks I hope to complete my book on this topic which has taken a decade of research and has led me from New York, America  to Zurich, Switzerland in search of the real story of what happened.

One of the most interesting books on Lockerbie is a book entitled Pan Am 103 the cover up, by  William Chasey a former Washington DC Lobbyist. the other intersting title is  Trail of the Octopus, by Lester Knox Coleman III. and for background to black ops and nefarious work of governments read Extreme Prejudice by Susan Lindauer.

Come back next week for an update on this.




Tomorrow begins the symbols of political and human rights in Bahraini prisons hunger strike in protest against  keeping detainees in the prisons in Bahrain.


      This time last year we saw the uprising in Tunisia move a political despot to the side and a move towards democracy.  This did not happen overnight or in a month the media has failed to mention food protests in the whole of the middle east over the past years. Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and others have seen unrest and moves from the populace to even out the system or at least to get rid of a top heavy system.

The Americans at first backed their old Ally  Hosne Mubarak, but as time went on and the pressure in Tahrir square spread throughout cyberspace they had to cover the issue and in time the regime which has been in receipt of billions of dollars in aid from the USA was forced to abandon him. Much to the chagrin of the leading rulers in Saudi Arabia.   The domino effect was expected and perhaps in some camps hoped for, but Tunisian unrest seemed to leapfrog the very country the U.S.A. WANTED destabilised – LIBYA.   Gadaffi’s rule seemed impervious to the Arab Spring.   Strange that months later with boots on the ground uprising, revolt began in Libya.  First Benghazi fell to who the media called the rebels, but quickly became the  TRANSITIONAL  NATIONAL  COUNCIL. 

Somewhat strange when the West had been supping at Gadaffi’s table only months earlier.  Did they not get the oil deals they expected?  Was Gadaffi once again labelled the mad dog of the middle east?  Who knows what happened, but with U.S. out of Iraq, and now sabre rattling at Iran.   Libya needed to be controlled as did Syria. 

As we approach another spring let us take stock of what the media called the Arab spring.  Well Tunis fell undoubtedly, possibly as it on the whole was a natural national movement.  Egypt fell momentarily when President Hosne Mubarak was removed and then despite failing health was paraded in his bed on trial?  Despite the fact that 89% of his team still were in control and the military mechanism was untouched and although the people thought they were onside they have simply replaced one rule with theirs although the glimmer of hope of elections are there.  Divide and rule has reigned, but the people on the whole have stuck together and in Tahrir square demanding their democracy.

  Libya the next domino was soon in turmoil and Gadaffi painted blacker than black.  Well now like Iraq Libya has been bombed into submission and a major construction the underground water system is destroyed.  This in time will lead to serious water shortages.  The power grid and oil infrastructure too is badly damaged thus slowing the production of that important reserve for income – OIL.   And with the rebels setting up their own Oil corporation outside the country, how much of that largesse will end up back in the country?  I may be wrong, but I am both a realist and a sceptic as well as cynical.

Just days before Russia would have cut NATO Off from their bombing Gadaffi was tricked and targeted by those he called rats!  He and one of his sons were murdered.  Instead of being handed over to the ICC which any true budding democracy would have done.  However, Israel feared Iran more as the nuclear question existed there.  Also Iran backs the Palestinians and does not recognise Israels right to exist.   Pressure on the U.S. GOVERNMENT BY ISRAEL, has not been as swift as under the Bush Administrations, much to Netenyahu’s chagrin.   Billions of dollars of aid and a huge military base has been donated to Israel by the U.S.A. under the Bush Administration and to some extent continued by Obama with the encouragement of Hilary Clinton.

Despite the fact not reported by the BBC et al that Israel is a nuclear weapons of mass destruction owner who does not join or sign any non proliferation treaty, who does not let IAEA inspectors into their country to count the numerous weapons they have, according to one source in the country I once met.  Yet they attack Iran who have let the inspectors visit.

So the unrest in Libya had help from outside, so did Egypt to a much lesser extent, but Syria like Iraq often has dissidents who have never lived there for years decrying the regime.  Yet  the solution to the Lockerbie case would more likely come if the police visited that country than Libya.

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The Bahrain protests continue, the torture continues there and I have seen photographs I know to be genuine of  a young beaten body, beaten to death and I know the authorities have tear gassed the funeral of another martyr.  Yet the West has practically ignored the continuing protests which on the whole are peaceful on the protesters side, but they brave baton rounds, tear gas and real bullets in their struggle.  It has been months since the BBC reported from this island country shored up by the Saudi military who were invited in to quell the riots.

A media so corrupt as to flout the law with phone hacking and following people around and threatening those who sought to expose them it may not be surprising that they are in the pocket of the 1% and that bring us to the least covered uprising that of the occupy wall street across the U.S.A.  POLICE brutality and harsh treatment has existed here too, but there are occupy tents in the length and breadth of the UNITED  KINGDOM In Scotland, England less so in Wales and Northern Ireland, but there are sympathisers who are concerned about the amount of money given to the Banks and the ridiculous level of bonuses still being paid.  The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic saw another leviathan ship sink off italy, thankfully with a lot less loss of life.   The cause of the accident will take time to fathom, before the ship sinks more fathoms into the Tyrranean sea!

Let us hope for a real democratic spring this year in the U.S.A. which starts its mammoth task of choosing a president or re electing a President Obama. Will the Scots get their fair referendum or just a Westminster version of DEVO Max!, time will tell.

tell me what you think where in the middle east should we be backing up governments and helping them move to democracy peacefully and how much will it cost us in the future if the ICC find NATO  wanting in resolution 1973?





The whole euro zone crisis too plays well for the U.S.A. Dollar as the reserve currency, though China, Iran, Iraq prior to shock and awe and Libya wanted the Euro as the reserve currency of the future perhaps not solely, but certainly with a par on the almighty Dollar.

Strange coincidence Saddam called for this and he’s dead.  Gadaffi recently echoed that call and he is dead, will  Iran or China be next??? we must wait and see, but do what we can to avoid war which does no one any good, costs the earth and fills the pockets of the already rich, and in the end as churchill said it is Jaw Jaw that leads to real lasting solutions.

Happy New  Year readers we are in for a bumpy ride.

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The planet is in revolution and what with the middle east uprisings be it in Bahrain where people are still being arrested tortured and brutality is the answer of the regime to the demands for democracy. The situation in Syria, Egypt, Saudi – although none of this makes the mainstream media – as well as in Libya where the pro gadaffi fighters still battle on to restore their government and their pre revolution rights. As the rebel leaders have set up a bank and new oil company outside the country for now. Who is to monitor thier dealings?
The occupy movement moved from wall streat to ludgate hill, to george Square, Glasgow and st. Andrew Square Edinburgh and is on the move the Banking mess is not likely to be cleared up by the very people who made it in the first place and who pay themselves grossly obscene bonuses when they lose money, not when the have actually contributed to the wellbeing of the bank and community and country alike. People like Fred the shred who saw a moral senior staff member resign on moral grounds shortly after he took office!
lets make this year an accountable year!


Jim Swire, who lost his dear daughter in PA103 recently visited Tripoli to see the man he calls his friend Abdel Basset better known to the world pejoratively as the lockerbie bomber.  He is a dieing man  and a man innocent of the crime accused of and erroneously convicted in what is the biggest disgrace in Scottish judicial history.  His co indicted supposed conspirator was released proved not guilty!  This year He and his family hope that this will be the year to clear his name once and for all.

     Once a Bishop told me you cant hide the truth forever, it will always come out sooner or later. In the case of Pan Am 103 it is long overdue.   However, with the possibility of material being published by the Scottish government fed up of complaints from across the pond, it will go far to open the inquiry again. The deposition of Dr. Richard Fuisz should also be released by the Americans and then the full glare of the morning light will dawn on the case showing up that Abddel Baset al Megrahi was innocent and was a fall guy for a political coverup !

Come back soon for some of the story I have already uncovered but that the mainstream press colluding with the poiticians have sought to hide.

mock up at Farnborough pieced together of the cut up sections mainly of cockpit! most of wreckage was and still is hidden in a scrap yard.

Lockerbie what did happen and why do the U.S. and U.K gov. not want us to know???

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By Stewart Nicol
21 Years on the investigation needs to get underway
A cold case is one which has not been investigated for several years and in the case of 270 murders there is no time limit. Although the powers that be have managed to stop the appeal the truth on this case must come out if we want to put an end to further terrorist attacks. Pan Am 103 was destroyed in the skies above Lockerbie, in the south west of Scotland. What happened that night? Who did the dark deed? Why were two governments more interested in covering up the truth than finding it? These are all questions so far unanswered. 

One of the ways to understand what is happening around the time that the Pan Am flight went out of the skies is to understand the politics which are taking place at the time in the world. In the late eighties the U.S.A. C.I.A. were doing their best to remove Colonel Muammer Qaddaffi from leadership in Libya. They had an unholy alliance with Al Burkan through their alliance to the National Struggle front for the Liberation of Libya. There had already been attempts on Qaddafdfi’s life including the bombing raid, from British Bases, by the U.S.A., which took the life of his fifteen month old daughter

Two years earlier the killing of Yvonne Fletcher, the young policewoman, in 1984 was thought to be a hit by the Terrorist group Al Burkan (the volcano) although it suited the U.S.A. and U.K. to blame Qaddaffi followers in the embassy. They were a secretive assassin group who attacked several loyal to Libyan leader Qaddaffi.

They were often funded by greedy Businessmen eager for billions once their people ruled Libya! The National Struggle Front of Libya was full of dissidents who did not like the Qaddaffi regime. They were even backed by the C.I.A. and trained by them in some cases. The German underworld provided guns and one documentary by Dispatches even spoke to the man who smuggled the “Walter PPK” into the U.K. that probably killed Yvonne Fletcher.


The shenanigans going on a la Iran Contra with Oliver North and his band of cohorts was also still active on various black ops. It is well known that Vincent Cannistraro was head of the anti Gaddaffi cohort and yet he is the one investigating PA103 so is it any surprise he wants to lay the blame there at Qaddaffi’s feet!

Another false theory I it was behind time. When PA103 left Heathrow it did not push off from the gate late at all. So it was never likely to blow up over the sea as had it survived it would have flown farther north, not immediately west from Lockerbie. Its flight path was as far as Stornoway in the western isles before heading west!

The idea a bomb would be planted outside U.K. defies terrorist logic never mind any other logic. However, Maggie Thatcher was so determined to say it could not happen in U.K. she wanted the blame to be put on Germany or as conveniently later appeared Malta! Whatever blew apart that aircraft it went on at Heathrow, never in a month of Sundays would it have been introduced at Malta.


Terrorists targeting planes in that era sadly knew their trade and would place it on with the least number of stops. The Iranian interior minister at that time was Ali Akbar Mhotashemi who was a friend of Abu Nidal and indeed knew Ahmed Jibril of the PFLP-GC. An account of the meeting in Iran of Jibril and his gang is described in a document which appeared in the Jordanian Newspaper printed in London. It gave a detailed account of what happened. When you think that this appeared in 1989 and Tam Dalyell read it out to Parliament it is staggering, in the least, that any suspicion about the downing of the plane would be to do with Libya.

The whole newspaper account ended up in intelligence documents in the U.S.A. and that is the source of my copy a number of years later just before the trial.

A quote from this source is, July 8 1988, “It is almost 8 a.m.. The Mehrabad International Airport is crowded with passengers who arrived in Tehran about ten minutes ago. Aboard an Iranian plane originating in London. In one corner of the airport where influential guests visiting Iran are usually received unofficially, one can observe three interior ministry officials, as well as, Hamid Reza Naqqashan, the intelligence chief of the Revolutionary Guard and Mahmud Hashemi Rafsanjani the head of Syrian –Lebanon-Palestinian desk. At 8 a guard informs the Iranian officials of the the arrival of the special flight for which they have been waiting. ”

Later on it says, “..After about half an hour, Naqqashan is seen sitting in a private Mercedes. Next to him is the important guest, Ahmad Jibril.”

The account is detailed and covers three pages two columns on each page. Each section is also dated and goes from July 1988 to 21 December 1988

That paragraph reads, “21 December – The American passenger plane crashed over Lockerbie. While and unknown group in Beirut called the Islamic revolutionary Guard claimed responsibility for the incident, the Iranian foreign ministry issued an communiqué in which it strongly denied reports alleging Iran was behind the incident. In Beirut, Ahmad Jibril received the final portion of his fee which totaled $10 million. In Larnaca, the Iranian charge d’affaires received Rashid Mehmet, who arrived in Larnaca on a German passport after carrying out his mission.”

These quotes are from document titled JPRS-NEA-89-043m [1] which includes other intelligence information on Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq and other Mideast area countries.

Why pay $10 million to Jibril if he is not involved in some way?

The USS Vincennes had brought down the Iran Air 655 killing 300 in the July OF 1988. It was likely that there would be a retaliation. The Ayatollah had seen the U.S. as the great Satan and this incident only went on to confirm their view.

Iran was well known for using proxy groups of terrorists for their own ends and it is worth remembering that once PA 103 went down an Iranian group the Islamic Revolutionary Guard claimed they had carried this out. Indeed the first CIA analysis suggests as much.

The massive destruction of the plane suggests, according to one expert I contacted, that at least 5 kilos (over 10lbs) must have been used to destroy the jet and that that material was close to the skin of the aircraft. Or possibly military quality munitions.

The 800 square miles tells you that the plane was ripped to pieces and indeed the severe damage to a number of the bodies underlines the fact of a massive series of explosions. The fact some bodies were ripped apart and others with horrific injuries is witness to the power and energy of the explosions. One Japanese passenger was identified from his hand – sadly all that was all that was left of him.

One pathologist told me a fingerprint from his kettle was the confirmation of his identity.

The idea that the plane dropped out of the sky at 31000 feet and fell in six minutes is what the report on the accident suggests and what the official story is said to be.

However, a perusal of the early accounts of what happened and a look at what eyewitnesses say to newspapers this is a falsehood. The first blast may well have been at 31000 feet, but the catastrophic explosions and break up happened at a much lower level than is said. One American newspaper quotes one person driving towards Lockerbie as seeing the shape of the fuselage heading for Lockerbie with out its cockpit. Other accounts tell of the cockpit landing spinning like a top! Farmers who lived locally felt the thunderous bang of the plane or rather part of the plane as it hit the ground. The fact that the Fire brigade in their report say that there was a kerosene mist in the air and a concern about fire around the town that tells you fuel may have been dumped a frantic fight to save the flight must have happened, just prior to the catastrophic final explosions, and demise of the “Maid of the Seas.”

The injuries that some people got were in some cases not fatal in themselves and it is even more shocking that a very few may even have survived the explosions and break up of the plane. Police said to me that some of the bodies looked as if they were just sleeping. Others were clearly very badly injured and some obviously fatalities. Another officer said what got to him was seeing an unbroken bottle of spirits next to the body of one victim. Some were still strapped into their seats which had been blown apart from the flooring of the aircraft.

A clear sign of high explosives were involved. To try to explain away the devastation throughout the plane a theory called the Mack Stem wave caused by the explosion is written into the Air Accident Report. Several mathematicians and a number of engineers have said to me off the record that the mach stem idea is rubbish and that is the polite word I have heard used!
William Eckardt’s lengthy article on Lockerbie in the Scientific American highlights a wide range of evidence never seeing the light of day in the court. Considering his wide experience and expertise and that at the time he had been the President of the North American Medical Examiners association, his eye witness accounts hint at a much lower level of fall to the ground. One air hostess probably survived the crash, but what happened to her. She was covered in a blanket by a local lady and help was sent for so why did she not receive it?

I know the lady in question was shocked to hear that there were no survivors. This victim according to the witness was still very shallow breathing, but had a little sign of life. The crack medical teams ‘helicoptered’ to the scene should have been there! Why was there a no fly zone immediately put up except for certain military planes?

When film scripts of terror appear there is always a baddie or large organized crime group involved. In PA 103 it is not so much a conspiracy as a conspiracy of silence. Everywhere there is disinformation a sure sign of cover up.

Otherwise why would two shades of political governments both sides of the pond seek to hide the truth or at least not want the truth found. Any crime needs a motive this one may have at least two. Firstly there is the revenge for the murder of 300 innocent Iranian victims en route to a holy celebration. Secondly and perhaps decidedly there is the CIA team returning with a scandal which would make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic!

The choice of the revenge aircraft therefore may be more for convenience and that makes the truth an inconvenient truth. The second thing any crime requires is the means to carry out the crime. In the case of terrorists they are more than willing to kill innocents and they have the expertise of attacking planes or hi jacking them. The PFLP-GC led by Ahmed Jibril certainly took on what was called the “difficult task” by Jibril himself. To down a number of U.S. Planes. Abu Nidal, however, also was able to deal out terror attacks and was playing both sides as he was clearly connected to CIA black ops. In the end of the eighties early nineties period Abu Nidal was escorted around London by Metropolitan police to visit his BCCI bank in Sloan area. Yet according to one source in Germany an Iranian well placed to know he claimed that Nidal had alleged that he did PA 103.

He certainly had the means and a motive may have been given to him in the form of dollars! At that time the Hostages were in Beirut held by the Hezbollah headed by Imad Mugniya. Mugniya had close ties to Ali Akbar Mhotashemi as well as to Hizbullah in Lebanon. Indeed it was Mhotashemi who inaugurated the Hizbullah in the first place.

An arms for hostages deal was in the air at that time. Monzer Al Kassar who was the main gun runner for Ollie North after financier Adnan Kashoggi, had close ties to the CIA and also to Jibril’s PFLP-GC. Kassar was also lead drugs dealer in the Bekka Valley trade with Syria for drugs for Europe. Indeed he sometimes joked that his route was protected by the CIA. The route through Cyprus on to sometimes Frankfurt and London. Heroin was shipped by a mule to Detroit via New York on no less that the aircraft PA 103 route.

DIA man Les Coleman said as much in his book Trail of the Octopus and also to me in interviews by telephone. Coleman had met Khalid Nazir Jafaar who was actually a double agent working for the DEA. He was the mule aboard PA 103 and died in its demise. However, his drugs haul was aboard but not admitted to by the Crown Office. I know, the Farmer who found the drugs and called the police about them on a number of occasions, but they were spirited away by the CIA men on the ground. Indeed one local journalist was given a row for saying the CIA and Mossad were there. They wanted to know which sources had given this information. However, he never revealed them (quite properly protected them) even when they offered he could do so to the Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher face to face! He still declined.

So on that December night we can see on that plane some 243 people and 16 crew would meet their death in the surrounding area of the Scottish border town of Lockerbie. Among the passengers were at least 8 CIA personnel including Major Chuck McKee, Matthew Gannon, Daniel Emmett O’Connor, and Lariviere. There was a key figure in the controversial BCCI bank Mr. Robert Fortune. As well as Khalid Nazir Jafaar the official drugs mule (CIA / DEA approved). BKA in Frankfurt were monitoring this drugs move as were customs and excise in the UK and DEA in USA.

Pan Am airline was at that time in dispute over ownership. As the former Shah of Iran owned more than half the shares, the Ayatollah was seeking to take over the nations Flag carrier! So allegedly political expedience would rather see it go to the wall than hand it over. A motive perhaps for letting Iran get their revenge as doing so would result in the company’s bankruptcy. Better than letting Iran get their hands on it. Another possible motive is that it would be possible that if terrorists got one target in revenge it would be safer than admitting mistakes in shooting down Iran Air 655 commercial aircraft, earlier that year.

The more you dig into this story the murkier it gets. Why was the search for survivors not as high a priority as it should have been? Secondly why were there so many Americans in control of the area? The crime scene was looted too by thieves. Local police were disgusted at this pilfering and did their utmost to prosecute any found stealing. You can find a number of these cases which ended up in court. Including one red top journalist who sought to pilfer a fur coat!

So those who may have been behind the largest loss of life attack in Europe were certainly not Abdel Baset Al Megrahi of Libya. He became a scapegoat years later and one of the biggest victims as he spent over a decade in jail, his name ever linked with the atrocity. He sought to clear his name but due to a terminal illness and the unreal delaying tactics of the Crown office under orders of the U.S.A. lawyers like Murtagh! And dana Biehl the court only got started on the appeal. However five judges still have to rule on that section of the appeal and the crown office still have to drop their appeal of a stiffer sentence? That first phase of the appeal could exonerate Megrahi on the identification alone.

The case needs to be re opened and the links and real forensics followed up. The fact that a body went missing, the first swabs which indicated the existence of explosives with chemical traces of PETN and RDX were lost! Conveniently? The fact that anyone who diverges from the ‘Script’ is vilified or destroyed character and called a conspiracy the orist – which surprisingly instead of interesting journalists even more in the puzzle – they see it as a label to be avoided!

Strange that MI5 or 6 have bugged the homes of journalists who sought to find the truth and of the homes of victims’ families who seek the truth rather than seek to find the real perpetrators.

In recent years is it a coincidence that Mugniyah was assassinated, Kassar arrested and Mesbahi has been sidelined perhaps the more we look at the real case clues of PA 103 the closer to home the birds come to roost! I have no definitive answer My job here was to ask questions the closer I looked at the case against Abdel Baset Al Megrahi the further from Libya I went the closer to an uncomfortable truth I seemed to find pointing far from the Mediterranean coast and closer to terrorists such as the IRA, the PFLP GC or as Juval Aviv’s first report in 1989 suggested an inter terror group with the “Black CIA” as he described them.

Whoever did it should be followed up. If Scottish justice was perverted knowingly then a better class of prisoner should be in Barlinnie in what was called “Qaddaffi’s cafe!” For part one or two click below.


1- The Firemaster’s Report on the Lockerbie Disaster. The intelligence report JPRS-NEA-89-04. SECTION “Iranian describes PFLP-GC role in Pan Am Bombing. London Al Dustur 22/5/1989 [pp15- 17.]

Missing Trillions!

Some time ago I received an email from someone I dont know but have heard about.  I call him the

trillion dollar man.  I have been researching the material he sent me and over the past months built up

something of a picture of a shadow world that THEY whoever they are, do NOT WANT US TO KNOW OR


If there is a trillion dollar heist then ex president Bush and the clan may be behind it

to find out what Bush is really like read Joel beinermans book excellent work..





     Some time ago we heard of a massive fund two infact which you could call GIGA FUNDS if cash stashed somewhere.   Trillions upon trillions of dollars! 


In charge of these trillions or at least one lot is the gentleman called Lee Emilio Wanta in the photo above.  The other is hidden in Belgium  and is supposedly a stash put aside to bail out the capitalist system if it belly flopped! Like NOW!


   I have been in email conversation of a kind with a gentleman called Lee Wanta  who has furnished me with over 65 pages of documentation names dates and detail all of which sound logical or real or at least plausible!  

      There are even court papers linked to a writ of MANDAMUS in a west Virginian court some years ago.    The fund he claims to control is worth 23 trillion Dollars!

       He sends each email or fax  with a cover which purports to be from the PRINCIPALITY OF SNAKEHILL, NEW SOUTH WALES, in Australia, which I have found out is controlled by a Princess Paula,  and is a micronation according to one Australian professor I talked to.  It is recognised by a number of heads of state such as Col. Qadaffi, but not by the Australian Government.   

     They have confirmed by email that Lee Wanta is their American Ambassador. 


So who is this Lee Wanta or Emilio Wanta?


      When I first looked to find out all about Wanta most data came on conspiracy sites, however, that in  itself is no necessarily a bad thing nor does it make it not fact.  So this is a story we hope to follow full time in the next month. 


       The economic journalist who has actually met Wanta is now dead!  The head of the Bank of China who electronically sent Wanta the Money is now Missing! As is half a trillion dollars!!!

In the writ banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank and the Federal Reserve of Richmond are all named as are a number of high profile Wall street men.

   Remember when Watergate broke most of the mainstream press buried the story! Two rookies and rookie owner/manager ensured they got the freedom to follow the money story.  Well we are on the money trail the trillion dollar trail wacth this space.

The Crimes of a President.

The master manipulator and teflon serial criminal .

also look at

she is much older but still missing!

Maddy where are you?

Come back next week to hear and see what I found.

I am not the first to find this Story and one Story died suddenly possibly connected to this story who knows.

However I am beginnin to think President clinton’s prediction is ultra true.

He said , “The biggest danger in the next century is ‘organised crime’  it was a strange answer

given that terrorism may have been expected by the questionner. never mind it may be true and Clinton

should know as he was within the web maybe, perhpas not by choice!?

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