There has been several attempts to remove Qaddafi from power in Libya

If qadaffi does turn up like the proverbial bad penny then remember you heard it here first, well almost – after alfatah69 that is, where is his info from.

over the past few decades.  The current rebellion began in February yet only a couple of weeks later NATO was favouring a group of people no one knew as the NTG the operative word being transitional as those in charge change with the wind each month.  The key General who is lauded one month and murdered the next?  Why?,  no boots on the ground say NATO, but some of my sources suggest otherwise as I cannot confirm those rumors independently nor can i check NATO info on the ground it is hard to say just who is winning.

My next task is to get contacts in Benghazi and Tripoli who are just ordinary citizens.

Just who is in charge in Libya what the mainstream media is feeding may well differ from what is happening on the ground. Remember if Journalist are only with the TNC rebels given their gunpower are they likely to minimise their success?

     The whole time the fight has been going on we have been reminded how the journalists were restricted in their reporting from the qadaffi side, yet nothing with regards the other side. and indeed is there a uniform opposition?   We have yet to see.  If indeed Gadaffi was murdered as the variety of stories around his demise are fraught with  misinformation and conflicting information NATO was involved in bombing an escaping convoy?  then he was hiding in a hole>???? not unlike Saddam, then summarily he was shot while escaping, not unlike an unarmed bin laden shot and hurriedly buried in secret!

The real powers behind the shadow scenes are tidying up their mess and their compatriots in crime. Is it not strange that suddenly over the last few years Imad Mugniya   is blown up, Monzer al Kassar, is suddenly arrested by the DEA after decades of escaping justice from interpol et al  on a sting by DEA invong the FARQ and weapons deal,  his compatriot Bout a russian gun dealer also suddenly extradited from Thailand, then earlier in 2003 Abu Nidal was assassinated prior to the Iraq invasion and Abu Abbas of Aquile Lauro affair and connected to Kassar was found dead in Iraq.   If you  beleive in conincidences then if all these people can be linked to black ops and the Mossad black ops people, who allegedly bumped off Maxwell over the Kruchkov affair, then we all need to watch our backs. 

       As Mark Twain once said after hearing his obituary had been published,   Mark Twain sent a cable from London stating “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”   Let us hope the same is not true of Gadaffi,, or rather let uis hope they are then he can be taken to the Hague where he should be tried and all his dirty secrets can be laid bare and the miscreants in the shadows put in the spotlight – arrested and tried and the peoples money returned to their rightful owners.


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