Military Industrial Complex steals the money!

At a time of global economic difficulty those in power plan to spend trillions they do not have if they are telling us the truth on WAR! T

This is an obscenity at the best of times but even more so just now.  Preemptive strikes  were and still are immoral and illegal and should be despite the view that the war on terror justifies it. Rubbish I  say.   It is just as illogical as saying person a may commit a crime during his life time so just to make sure Ill hang him or her!

What distinguishes civil society from the jungle is the rule of law.  Procedure can be very annoying and time consuming, but it is far superior to just allowing the rule of the jungle to reign.  What is more disgusting is when propoganda is utilised to hoodwink the populace  into thinking they are on the moral high ground.   Take the coverage of the recent  Libyan debacle.  NATO are the white hats and qadaffi the black.  the forces of Nato are to bwe used to protect the public yet hundreds of thousands maybe even millions have been bombed by  NATO jets in the name of protection from the Qadaffi regime.   Massacres, have taken place and even the elite womens bodyguard have not escaped this brutality many already beaten, raped and murdered and their bodies left to rot in the desert sun.   What  kind of regime have we helped?    None of them  work together their only unifyying rationale was kill Qadaffi!

The rumours of  death of qadaffi according to one russian source is premature.  It may well have been a double.   In middle eastern countries it is not unusual for the leader to have one or more doubles as protection from time to time..  The same was true of Saddam Hussein.   Strange how we never hear of what happened to those people where are they now you might ask.

the sea may become busier with naval vessels ..

The forthcoming Presidential election next year may well bring back the warring neocons of the Warring Republicans another Bush is the white house would turn it into an overgrown war machine. We have yet to see who will take on Obama now that they have got rid of the Alaskan Candidate! What next for the  world austerity, economic pain or will some honest broker release the Wanta planned trillions and in Europe the Global Security fund?  Not the oppenheimers one but the other hidden one put together to bail out capitalism if it crashed.  Well instead of being used to bribe all politicians, intelligence services and their ilk  every person on the planet should get a large cheque *check* as the US say.

That would boost the economy.  Creating new businesses and manufacturing of useful things to sell would turn the world around and make for a better future for all.   It could even help

stabilise the world population.   history tells us that developing countries whose economies are growing and prospects are positive and there is an absence of war  people plan their

families famine and pestilence and lack of employment dis appear as does the birth rate.  A positive approach to the future, Justice for  those who have ruined the economy and jail for those who invented the short selling system would do much to guarantee a bright future for all.   Remember natural disasters destroy more people than all the terrorists acts put  together, other than perhaps pre emptive protective strikes like Libya has undergone.  And apart from destabilising that country for at least a generation what has it achieved in a country that had an independent  banking system  not allowed to charge interest on loans, who paid pence per litre for their fuel and food was competitively priced.   What price Libya’s future?


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