Tomorrow begins the symbols of political and human rights in Bahraini prisons hunger strike in protest against  keeping detainees in the prisons in Bahrain.


      This time last year we saw the uprising in Tunisia move a political despot to the side and a move towards democracy.  This did not happen overnight or in a month the media has failed to mention food protests in the whole of the middle east over the past years. Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and others have seen unrest and moves from the populace to even out the system or at least to get rid of a top heavy system.

The Americans at first backed their old Ally  Hosne Mubarak, but as time went on and the pressure in Tahrir square spread throughout cyberspace they had to cover the issue and in time the regime which has been in receipt of billions of dollars in aid from the USA was forced to abandon him. Much to the chagrin of the leading rulers in Saudi Arabia.   The domino effect was expected and perhaps in some camps hoped for, but Tunisian unrest seemed to leapfrog the very country the U.S.A. WANTED destabilised – LIBYA.   Gadaffi’s rule seemed impervious to the Arab Spring.   Strange that months later with boots on the ground uprising, revolt began in Libya.  First Benghazi fell to who the media called the rebels, but quickly became the  TRANSITIONAL  NATIONAL  COUNCIL. 

Somewhat strange when the West had been supping at Gadaffi’s table only months earlier.  Did they not get the oil deals they expected?  Was Gadaffi once again labelled the mad dog of the middle east?  Who knows what happened, but with U.S. out of Iraq, and now sabre rattling at Iran.   Libya needed to be controlled as did Syria. 

As we approach another spring let us take stock of what the media called the Arab spring.  Well Tunis fell undoubtedly, possibly as it on the whole was a natural national movement.  Egypt fell momentarily when President Hosne Mubarak was removed and then despite failing health was paraded in his bed on trial?  Despite the fact that 89% of his team still were in control and the military mechanism was untouched and although the people thought they were onside they have simply replaced one rule with theirs although the glimmer of hope of elections are there.  Divide and rule has reigned, but the people on the whole have stuck together and in Tahrir square demanding their democracy.

  Libya the next domino was soon in turmoil and Gadaffi painted blacker than black.  Well now like Iraq Libya has been bombed into submission and a major construction the underground water system is destroyed.  This in time will lead to serious water shortages.  The power grid and oil infrastructure too is badly damaged thus slowing the production of that important reserve for income – OIL.   And with the rebels setting up their own Oil corporation outside the country, how much of that largesse will end up back in the country?  I may be wrong, but I am both a realist and a sceptic as well as cynical.

Just days before Russia would have cut NATO Off from their bombing Gadaffi was tricked and targeted by those he called rats!  He and one of his sons were murdered.  Instead of being handed over to the ICC which any true budding democracy would have done.  However, Israel feared Iran more as the nuclear question existed there.  Also Iran backs the Palestinians and does not recognise Israels right to exist.   Pressure on the U.S. GOVERNMENT BY ISRAEL, has not been as swift as under the Bush Administrations, much to Netenyahu’s chagrin.   Billions of dollars of aid and a huge military base has been donated to Israel by the U.S.A. under the Bush Administration and to some extent continued by Obama with the encouragement of Hilary Clinton.

Despite the fact not reported by the BBC et al that Israel is a nuclear weapons of mass destruction owner who does not join or sign any non proliferation treaty, who does not let IAEA inspectors into their country to count the numerous weapons they have, according to one source in the country I once met.  Yet they attack Iran who have let the inspectors visit.

So the unrest in Libya had help from outside, so did Egypt to a much lesser extent, but Syria like Iraq often has dissidents who have never lived there for years decrying the regime.  Yet  the solution to the Lockerbie case would more likely come if the police visited that country than Libya.

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The Bahrain protests continue, the torture continues there and I have seen photographs I know to be genuine of  a young beaten body, beaten to death and I know the authorities have tear gassed the funeral of another martyr.  Yet the West has practically ignored the continuing protests which on the whole are peaceful on the protesters side, but they brave baton rounds, tear gas and real bullets in their struggle.  It has been months since the BBC reported from this island country shored up by the Saudi military who were invited in to quell the riots.

A media so corrupt as to flout the law with phone hacking and following people around and threatening those who sought to expose them it may not be surprising that they are in the pocket of the 1% and that bring us to the least covered uprising that of the occupy wall street across the U.S.A.  POLICE brutality and harsh treatment has existed here too, but there are occupy tents in the length and breadth of the UNITED  KINGDOM In Scotland, England less so in Wales and Northern Ireland, but there are sympathisers who are concerned about the amount of money given to the Banks and the ridiculous level of bonuses still being paid.  The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic saw another leviathan ship sink off italy, thankfully with a lot less loss of life.   The cause of the accident will take time to fathom, before the ship sinks more fathoms into the Tyrranean sea!

Let us hope for a real democratic spring this year in the U.S.A. which starts its mammoth task of choosing a president or re electing a President Obama. Will the Scots get their fair referendum or just a Westminster version of DEVO Max!, time will tell.

tell me what you think where in the middle east should we be backing up governments and helping them move to democracy peacefully and how much will it cost us in the future if the ICC find NATO  wanting in resolution 1973?





The whole euro zone crisis too plays well for the U.S.A. Dollar as the reserve currency, though China, Iran, Iraq prior to shock and awe and Libya wanted the Euro as the reserve currency of the future perhaps not solely, but certainly with a par on the almighty Dollar.

Strange coincidence Saddam called for this and he’s dead.  Gadaffi recently echoed that call and he is dead, will  Iran or China be next??? we must wait and see, but do what we can to avoid war which does no one any good, costs the earth and fills the pockets of the already rich, and in the end as churchill said it is Jaw Jaw that leads to real lasting solutions.

Happy New  Year readers we are in for a bumpy ride.

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