This is undoubtedly the year of the OCCUPY  MOVEMENT, YET IT  receives little or no real coverage and thus we are mostly unaware of what it stands for.  It is a groundswell of anger against the greed which grew from  milton friedmans flawed economics and his assumtion that GREED IS GOOD for the market theory that even he had to recently admit was all wrong and was basically rubbish!  Rubbish that destroyed millions upon millions of jobs and now billions of lives around the globe!  Reagan and Thatcher swallowed the economic greed pill and the trickle down theory.  The service industry driven economy can only exist on sound manufacturing foundations which establish the  wealth to a level where a service economy can then develop.

Silly jargon like outsourcing destroyed more jobs than it created and the economic argument of cheap labor is a falacy which does not last and therefore is useless long term.  The labourer is worthy of his or her hire.  Eventually the cheap labour pool realise the value of their work and demand more. rightly so.

Just what is the Occupy movement we are going to investigate and find out, however it is active from wall street to Threadneedle street, from the PArthenon to the dome of the rock you might say and the demonstrations which have been ongoing in the middle east for years, being ignored by the world mainstream media erupted into what was called the Arab Spring,  yet  there are some who question Libya was a groundswell against Gadaffi and others do the same in Syria and Russias Navy is strategically placed to stop NATO from a repeat performance of Libya.

We live in interesting times.

anyone who had been in an occupy demonstration anywhere in the world , but especially in U.S.A. let me know if you have been roughly handled or tear gassed.

Thanks add your comment and contact below.Thanks

S. Nicol, Editor,

one of the 99%!


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