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Elections, elections, and refernda?

The coming two years will see general elections and a referendum which will shape the future of the Globe.  They are the Scottish government election, the American Presidential election and in 2017 a U.K. wide referendum on whether or not to stay in the EU?


With the behind the scenes string pulling and influences these are by no means a simple democratic election and referenda?  Indeed there may even be another Scottish indpendence referencum sparked by the outcome of the EU referendum??

The state of the globe just now is far from beneficial to the growing of economies excepting the blood money people who are making billions off wars.   They are drenched in blood money at present with the middle east situation the Afghan situation et al.

The Scottish election is going to attract much media attention as the SNP had a landslide win at the last UK general election which to everyones surprise put back in David Camerons lack lustre gang.   However, with a strong Scottish contingent at Westminster he is not going to get away with much.   In the USA the battle has begun with the high rollers in the lead for the Whitehouse.

Jeb Bush and he is a Bush whether he like is or not, not totally his own man, and Donald Trump the republican wildcard with eyes on an alaskan running mate Sarah Palin what a duo! look out folks

The Democratic side has the high profile former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, no stranger to the Whitehouse as she was first lady for eight years no less.   She is pushing hard to identify with the ordinary citizen hardly true nor was her time as first lady a smooth ride. Nor was her leaving of the Secretary of State in the shadow of the debacle in Benghazi. Libya.


The economy of the world somehow is being hidden from a Soverign Fund in Belgium rumoured according to one of my more reliable sources some 60 trillion Euros! no mean sum

the man the new world order people hate.

the man the new world order people hate.


In the USA 27trillion dollars has been sidelined in a bank escrow account in Virginia of the Bank of America if my other reliable source, who should have the money as it is his due to doing work in th eighties for REagan to speculate in Russian Rubles to help destableise that economy.

casualty one of thousands

casualty one
of thousands

SO what is going on the Banksters are about to be caught mark my words the first Libor fixer is to go behind bars and may manuy others follow if the World in to be put on an even keel and a growth period like nothing before.   The time o f the Elite must come to an end and more and more and more are fed up of them and thier selfish tinkering.


Time to expose their plans if you want to catch up on this issue go find Jesse Venturas conspiracy series on US  TV.


tHIS BLOG IS about to complete a ten year investigation into this issue so watch this space?






On the occasion of the suffering and tribulations that I face every day, from the obscenity that you created with the Government Companies, managing the NSRF and Developmental programmes along with their sinful NGOs behind which Politicians hide with no national consciousness, I am trying to find out how well this Political Crime was organised.
Of course, today, the former government “orchestrators” blame an elected party that in its little course of existence has made great achievements in order to clean up the mess and I cannot understand why we Greeks do not support this new Government that does everything possible for the good of the people without covering the old dirt from the opposition parties and instead we allow the dirty interests and speculators to keep fighting and we are even misled by this.
We hear various nonsense, directed apparently, that most of the Media communicate. At last, gentlemen, come to your senses and provide support, for the good of our Country without political and economic interests in order for this Government to advance, a government that we as a people elected to succeed in all economic and political areas by changing something from this stigma of the old Government.
I would like to inform you that I am not a fan of SYRIZA, the Communists or Nea Dimokratia. For this reason, you and others having interests may cause abnormalities in the new Government but without considering the personal and party interest. At last, consider the interest of our Greece. Can’t you understand that with this every day behaviour of yours, you lose your fans? Are you so blind by the conquest of the chair and the hatred relegation, that you do not have the intelligence to understand that the people see this behaviour and distance themselves from you every day, eventually supporting those you battle tooth and nail?
Maybe a few people might think that I have something against them. I inform you that personally I am not hostile to anyone but those who based on their personal profit and intrigue cover wrongdoings that have been made over time against our Country.
The solution to the financial problems of Greece is to bring the stolen money back to the state coffers and to enable this government to take a breath for the general good of our country.
I inform you that I do not yield to threats and blackmail from whoever they may come.
Stop fighting with such fury a newly formed Government facing all the enemies of Greece with their heads held high, because you should be aware that a disaster of Greece will have an impact on you and your families.
I hope with all my heart that you come to your senses to be able to have good results in all areas.
Athanasios D. Laspopoulos