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The referendum seem to be out there forever the arguments became all too familiar and both sides had thier diehards shouting the odds and accusing the other side of foul.  Well in the end the vote was close very close considering the size of the turnout.  If nothing else it became a wake up call for the political elite.   The people have found their voice and the genie is now out of the bottle so beware.   MPs  north and South of the border yes it exists.  Despite the best attempts to say it did not.  Remember the United Kingdom really should be the United Kingdoms the s standing for Scotland which three hundred  years ago took over the South.  That is why there is a Scotland Yard! in London after all.  James VI of Scotland became James I of England and there was a union of the crowns.  Many Scottish Nobles moved  with the crown and populated the area  near Westminster which became known by the nickname (that Stuck) as Scotland Yard!  Now three centuries later and a deluge of advantages gone south, not to mention the income from the Oil in the North Sea, the Devolution debate would not go away and after a couple of decades and two referenda Donald Dewar announced There will be a Parliament in Scotland! he liked that so repeated the phrase.  

Nearly a decade later the issues arose again and a Referendum was called by the powerful SNP who became, despite the plans the majority party in the Scottish Parliament with the power to call for a referendum.  Two years ago it was put on the agenda and on September 18. 2014 it took place with a world record turnout to vote with 97% of those eligible to vote signing up and ovall turnout on the day was prob ably 90%.

In the final weeks of the Debates the Government south of the border were paniced into giving rash promises and sending big packages of more power to the Edinburgh Parliament!  A win win for the Nationalists.  It gives them reason to continue.

The next few months till a General Election will ensure that the top topic is to be Scotland!   So Scotland the Brave continues.

In my next blog I plan to put out some of the information those voting should have been given but were denied by the powers that be both sides of the border.



Scotland the Brave?

In tha last twelve months few could have not noticed that the Scottish population are undergoing changes and much political argument over whether or not they should go it alone or stay withing the U.K.   There is likely to be the highest ever percentage of those who canvote haLove registered to vote.  This means that the engagement with politics is unprecedented.  That cannnot be in itself bad.

The movements for the campaign have been on one side the YES! for independence and the NO Thanksx brigade for the status quo! or at least an enhanced status quo.   However, despite the lengthy campaigning from both eager sides little of substance has emerged on what will happen given a yes! or No!
Perhaps is is because of the political nature of the groups on each side.  For some wierd reason Labour in england backed NO Thanks along with the Conservatives and Lib Dems and considering Conservatives in Scotland are rarer than an endagered species that seemed less than a logical choice considering the voting record of the Scots predominantly Labour over the last half century”!!

This major decision is perhaps being made on the flimsiest of grounds.  gut feeling being the most likely for those who are genuinely unsure.  I has on the whole been a lack lustre campaign and the Polls throughout tended on the NO side.  However in the last lap, Yes began to Poll more and it crosses the 50% level causing a welter of protest from banks and RBS suggested it may move to england, considering this bank was bancrupt and had to be bailed out by the government seems somewhat rich they suggest moving south!  Thier balance sheet moved south in 2008!

It is a major change which has brough much discussion on and off screen  The corporate media tending as usual to back the status quo!   Scotland is a soverign nation you could say.  It has its own legal system, its own established Church the Kirk always and broad church which has yes and no voters withing the pews sunday by sunday.    It has a proud military tradition with several Scottish Regiments now merged int o one!  Not a popular move.  It has its own Police, Education and a proud tradition of enterprise and invention.  The country of Tartan has brought you, the Telephone, the Television, Tarmacadam, and Penicillin to mention but a few.  It had a mass production of Cars before FORD the ARgyll in Glasgow.

Whatever happens, there is a world of good will to be developed by Scotland if it chooses to be – YES –