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This blog unlike many is a pleasure to write as it tells of the new hope in the upcoming generations.


Aberdeen  Christmas Lights Union Street.

    The name Amira Willighagen may not be familiar to you unless you already one of her many fans.   She is a young girl who lives in Holland and at the age of nine won the HOLLANDS GOT TALENT contest ..  As if her tender age  was not enough of a surprise win the fact that in 2013  she won sining OPERA!, makes it doubly amazing, but not once you hear this new talent.


Amira  Willighagen official photo.

     Amira has a unique voice not just that it has an amazing range but that she has such a strong and accurate pitched voice.   Her first appearance guaranteed her a place and she in the end won the final which took her across the Atlantic to the USA and Las Vegas.   Her concerts there wowed audineces  and began her career.   She was heard on you tube by no less than  Andre Rieu and his orchestra who were so amazed and impressed thjat they offered her a master class.  Something she eagerly accepted some months later she appeared on stage with Andre and the full Orchestra  and brought the audience to their feet for a standing ovation.

The other day I had the privilege to interview this bright as a button youngster now 11 + soon to be going to High School.   She was a bright and polite girl.  she answered my questions with eagerness and energy.

I wondered what it was like at school for her once she returned as something of a celebrity.   My school mates were excited and thought it was great as did the staff of her school.  It is somewhat fun when she has to have a little time off and they ask where she may be going. She replies some exotic location.  managing life as a school pupil and star can be difficult but her Father Gerrit Willighagen has the task of managing the  new found star and keeps things as balanced as possible.   from what I saw of Amira in the interview he is doing well.

She has been on stage with a range of stars in the last few years and when i asked her about this she clearly relishes the experience and enjoys it very much.  She also is keen to learn from their expereience too. They have all been very nice and helpful was the impression I gained.  She has a strong voice and one that is not phased singing with adults who are more than three times her age at times.  She loves opera songs and her favourite seems to be Mio Babbio Caro the song which rocketed her towards victory in Hollands got Talent.   before she is 12 years old Amira has made no less than two CDs the latest one a Christmas one you can get an idea of her  talent at this link  AMIRA MERRY CHRISTMAS



     The travelling for such a young girl I thought she might find difficult or tiring, but like the bubbly personality she is she told me that she actually enjoys travelling to different countries next year she will be in USA and in Hong Kong.  Earlier this year she was in Venice and sang in a beautiful and very big Church as she described it.  it was interesting travelling on the Canals in Gondola with her brother Fincent, who is a talented violinist and a they get on well.   As well as stage appearances she has done interviews on various Television channels in Holland and other mainland European channels.   Wherever she goes she is a bright light and makes people who meet her enjoy her company.


      Another travelling companion is her mascot called   Schilpaddie bounz This is a very cute soft toy turtle! and where Amira goes so does Schilpaddie Bounz.  Possibly the best travelled soft toy.  It has even been in the Vatican with Amira .     She thinks it is a great mascot.  I agree too.  Even though im not good at pronouncing the name!!


Amira with her mascot in Monte Carlo

   Like many youngsters she has an enjoyment of sport and games.  She likes Gymnastics especially and is learning backflips.  although she has a busy schedule she still has over the years time to win athletics events too and now is doing gymnastics when she can.  Her favourite school subject is Mathematics which is perhaps not surprising as many talented musicians are good mathematically too.  She admitted she has other subjects she likes.   Amira is an easily likeable soul.  She is also a caring one for her tender age.   She has built a playground in South Africa for youngsters much less fortunate than herself.  The playground equipment put there as one of her first projects from income off the first CD.   She hopes to create more play grounds too in the coming year she told me with a broad smile.

One thing im certain is that Amira will be a star of the Opera scene of the future if that is what she chooses to do or perhaps win an olympic gold in Gymnastics who knows but I hope she keeps singing whatever the future brings her.  She has a big following in the world already and she has a facebook page for fans to keep up to day with all that is happening.  You can find it at FACEBOOK PAGE

At this Christmas time I wish her God’s blessings and a Healthy and Happy New Year!  Thanks for the interview Amira!









TIS the season or so the jingles go and the commercial bandwagon is at full throttle getting us to go out and buy that  yet another present un needed often and oft recycled or returned afterwords.  However the good will of the season is perhaps the time to capitalise on to defeat those who have blood money on their hands dripping from the carnage in Syria and the middle east not to mention the other trouble spots.  Since it is Christmas it is worth focusing on  Christianity and its state in the west; or north as it is called.


The Middle east the cradle of all the troubles and the beginning locus for Christianity in Palestine! , as it was  then .   The Christians in Iraq and Syria are under attack and mortal danger yet we only seem interested in self defence? not proactive to save those attacked.  The danger in kneejerk reactions such as that by David Cameron is they play into the hands of the evil.   Indeed he should be in Vienna at the talks what arrogance he has to suggest the leader of a sovereign nation should be replace maybe he should be replace by Boris!!!, it is arrogance and nothing other than the regime change pogramme of those behind the scenes who want to control the world.

the man the new world order people hate.

the man the new world order people hate.

We should be concentrating on the good will we could generate in talks not bombs.  Who created the Mujahidin who morphed to  al qaeda who morphed to al nussra and now the title ISIS.. Cameron should learn there is no such thing as a good terrorist they are CRIMINALS MURDERS AND WORSE.    The media also should treat them a ssuch not giving them any oxygen at all. blanket no coverage of atrocities unless reported as mass murder by!!!

The media of course is in the hands of those who like to control the politics of our world.  So I give every citizen of this world it is one planet, a challenge this season of good will.  Start to put real pressure on your political represtentatives to TALK not to cause war.  Bombs by thier nature are indiscriminate they cannot ever be accurate what is euphamistically called collateral damage are your brothers and sisters.  the children deserve better.   Any politician  who suggests bombing invited bombing there is not one rule for one and another for another.   Prior to 9/11 we had an order of sorts far from perfect, but intervention was not on the table.  nor was regime change, what arrogance and considering the dictators sponsored by the USA s track record Guatemala being the worst., many decades ago, we can hardly talk.   Democracy grows in a country ours took at least 1000 years before real order and even now only in the last century did we give women half the population at least the vote!   Who are we to decide what system is best for others fix ours first!  The last election is good example less people voted for SNP but they have over 50 MPs UKIP got considerably more share of vote but few if any MPs.

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

crazy certainly not perfect democracy now that democracy grew out of Christianity and its Moral compass of freedom and care.   The moral compass has all but disapppeared in the corridors of power as Political Correctness, a trojan horse if ever there was one, is the blunt instrument in the west. Among all religions Christianity is being quietly strangled.  Time now to have goodwill and a braveheart.   We need to  back what we believe and stand up and be counted there are times we need to do that. too often others suggest we turn the other cheek.  This is not that time.

By all means do all the good things and be proud of your religion however, flawed we all are. we all need forgiveness from God, but there is a judgement to come beyond this world and some arrogant people are going to get a shock for eternity and infinity.








We get selective biased news indtead of the ‘warts and all’ version. Journslists need tobe societys watchdog not a pet.