Too often we get sidetracked, blind sided or sent down a parallel alley instead of taking the wider more correct view of what is happening.   The interlocking nature of the World means that what happens in one place has ramifications for all the others just like a ripple on a  pond eventually even though imperceptively touches the bank be it yards or in the case of a loch miles away.  In the current era we are being sidetracked first the arab spring  a pr title if ever there was one.  Who coined it most likely an zionist in Israel.  Not known for their sympathy towards the arabs in any of their lands.

Egypt was the key focus while the boots on the ground stirred  up Libya.   Then whenever that theatre is supposedly won we see nothing but Syria and its so called human rights breaches.  something strange here when Israel has breached every human right against the Palestinians for decades and ignored UN resolutions galore for decades then they murder people on a boat bringing aid to Gaza .!

However this is all something of a sideshow to the real heist of the millenium of nearly 24 trillion dollars.  And as if that was not enough they are bankrupting Greece when another fund of nearly 70 trillion  and I joke not is hidden somewhere in Belgium of all countries.  the Wanta plan has been thwarted and just like the savings and loan smash and grab in the 80’s we find former politicians leading the raid and blocking the money.


China supposedly transferred the trillions to the Federal Reserve branch in Richmond, Virginia, but the Bush 2 administration somehow blocked it from getting to Lee Wanta and the Ameri Trust Groupe! If you dont believe me go to Christopher Story’s pages or several pages on  or an australian newspaper which published this intriguing story.  We ignore it at our peril.  Think about it why would China otherwise buy so much of the U.S. debt?

Irony is that the seed capital of this fund probably was what brought down communist Russian Rouble over the 80s and ended up financing Communist chinas capitalist rise and has now disappeared in cyberspace in USA bringing down capitalist west at one fell swoop.  WHAT WOULD RONALD REAGAN SAY.  AFTER ALL HE MASTERMINDED THE DEMISE OF THE EVIL EMPIRE AS HE  labeled Russia.   Now it seems the empir(s) strike back only with the aid of the mighty dollar!

please comment on this plus or minus. Thanks.



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