In recent times there has been an increased interest in investigating the major crime of the downing of Pan Am 103 over the South western Scottish market town of Lockerbie.  It became synonymous with the larges European terrorist atrocity when Pan Am 103 was blown out of the sky by terrorists most likely in retaliation for the downing of the Iran Air 655 over the Gulf earlier in the same year – 1988.  The number of police to be put on this detail is to be increased according to the Dumfries headquarters.  It also suggested a team may well go to Libya, but this would be to little avail as this was most likely a crime planned out of Iran.  Indeed much of the detail of it is in the public domain in 1989 when a Jordanian journal printed by dissidents from that country published  Ad  Dustur which had a fascinating article outlining the crime and who was most likely involved.

The intelligence reports in the U.S.A. also cleared Libya of the crime outlining it was most likely the interterror group including Abu Nidal and his cohorts Ahmad Jibril of the PFLP-GC and Hezbollah people including members of the Guardians of the Islamic Republic who shortly after the tragedy claimed  responsibility.  so why oh why did the U.S.A. government and the UK  government blame Gadaffi’s Libya.   Gadaffi was certainly a signatory of the cooperation and pact which established the interterror group, possibly the progenitor of Al Qaeda,  at a meeting in the Carlton Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon as was Syria and Iran part of the groupings backing.  However, there were murkier goings ons in the shadows with connections to illegal arms and drugs from the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.  The Iran Contra gang and the Drugs trade encouraged in Afghanistan to help affect the Russian army which invaded that country and deals to sell arms to Iran who were fighting Iraq and funnelling drugs and money to the contras all was sanctined and planned as the Arc of crisis by Kissinger and the Reagan administration.  Indeed the targets on the iran air plane were not onboard, but the targets on PA 103 WERE THE EIGHT CIA TEAM coming back according to one source with a scandal that would make Watergate look like a Sunday School Picnic!  I will never reveal my source for this comment, but suffice to say it is impeccable and trustworthy.  Indeed the shinanigans going on in the middle east and Cyprus at that time was featured in a senate banking committee report which eventually came to my attention entitled :-  DRUGS, PRESIDENT BUSH, THE NEXT IRAQGATE!

Like so many senate oversight committees this report is buried in the beaurocracy files and little if anything gets followed up.  That detailed report pointed out that the drugs trade in Lebanon had direct links to the Syrian military and even the Defence Minister at that time and the key person was CIA asset Monzer Al kassar, who is now languishing in prison in the U.S.A.  Abu Nidal was murdered shortly before shock and awe and the key Hezbollah man Imad Mugniya ( mastermind of the kidnapping of Terry Waite et al)  was blown up on a rare visit outside Iran in recent years.  Clearing up by the big boys I guess.

The investigation should also be followed by a neutral inquiry of the whole trial of Abdel Baset Al Megrahi who was WRONGLY convicted of this crime while the other person on the wrap sheet as the americans would say walked free NOT GUILTY.  Seems somewhat strange when they were supposedly co conspiritors.

Let us watch with interest if the Police are brave enough to follow the original inquiry to Syria and Jibril as Paul Channon then the Transport minister, prior to Maggie being ordered to sack him by G. H. W. Bush, President, (Maggie Thatcher the then Prime Minister) .  The trail is very murky as much evidence was removed, probably by CIA people even a body or a survivor! (Remeber the disparity in the number of bodies Dr. D. Fieldhouse, tagged.)

moving someone on a gurney!

moving someone on a gurney!

In the coming weeks I hope to complete my book on this topic which has taken a decade of research and has led me from New York, America  to Zurich, Switzerland in search of the real story of what happened.

One of the most interesting books on Lockerbie is a book entitled Pan Am 103 the cover up, by  William Chasey a former Washington DC Lobbyist. the other intersting title is  Trail of the Octopus, by Lester Knox Coleman III. and for background to black ops and nefarious work of governments read Extreme Prejudice by Susan Lindauer.

Come back next week for an update on this.


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