Jim Swire, who lost his dear daughter in PA103 recently visited Tripoli to see the man he calls his friend Abdel Basset better known to the world pejoratively as the lockerbie bomber.  He is a dieing man  and a man innocent of the crime accused of and erroneously convicted in what is the biggest disgrace in Scottish judicial history.  His co indicted supposed conspirator was released proved not guilty!  This year He and his family hope that this will be the year to clear his name once and for all.

     Once a Bishop told me you cant hide the truth forever, it will always come out sooner or later. In the case of Pan Am 103 it is long overdue.   However, with the possibility of material being published by the Scottish government fed up of complaints from across the pond, it will go far to open the inquiry again. The deposition of Dr. Richard Fuisz should also be released by the Americans and then the full glare of the morning light will dawn on the case showing up that Abddel Baset al Megrahi was innocent and was a fall guy for a political coverup !

Come back soon for some of the story I have already uncovered but that the mainstream press colluding with the poiticians have sought to hide.

mock up at Farnborough pieced together of the cut up sections mainly of cockpit! most of wreckage was and still is hidden in a scrap yard.


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