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    The much heralded General  Election is over and the result you could say is Status Quo minus Liberal Democrats!   However, that would be to ignore the seismic shift of over 1 million voters plus who moved over to the SNP.  This gave the map of Scotland a yellow band from north to south with only a sliver of orange(lib Dem in Shetland and orkney long a liberal place politicially) and sliver of blue in the far south west the only surviving TORY (Conservative) in Scotland.   The Labour stronghold for over a century disappeared you might say overnight.  However that too is siplistic given the recent Referendum on Independence.  The betrayal of the Scottish Labour having to work on the Better together team under Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown was a move too far and the close result indicated a shift might happen in the forthcoming election.  The runes were cast you could say.  In the lands south of the border another shift of nearly six million voters was almost imperceptible as the result was only 1 MP for the UKIP.  However, this may well be an indicator of how a referendum  on getting out of europe may go in 2017.

The narrow majority of the Conservative party shows that they only really have one third  of the total voters on thier side and they would be silly indeed to ignore that and will do so at thier peril.   If for instance an anti europe movement south of the border wins the day and a pro europe Scotland does not want to leave then bazinga!  another Scottish referndum could be triggered!  Referenda are not once in a lifetime events when a whole electorates future is dependent on some issue which is unresolvable in parliament with a large majority to carry the day then Referenda are the way forward.

Devolution in 79 failed, however a couple of decades later it was a reality and a Scottish Parliament was Born!  In regards to Europe there have been other referenda and again the way forward decided.

The issues facing the UK however are not simple local but Global and as the dust from the results were settling and the other side of the map in Russia a celebration of the end o f the World War II took place.  It was worth noting that Chancellor Angele Merkle attended the ceremony in Russia which is much to her credit given the current situation globally as the USA seek to create a second cold war!  Interfereing in Ukraine to destabilise the peace there in the first place and allowing and backing of all things a NAZI GOVERNMENT  whose prime minister even visited the German parliament and insulted them by berating them for allowing the defeat of Hitler.

o6yD3cN9mKfVw7psmmdwGC9uK8MjMUztPutin And Merkle gave a press conference and below is the speech by Vladimir Putin , President of Russia.  Thr british media predictably only concentrated on the negative so please read it all you may be surprised.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Madam Federal Chancellor, ladies and gentlemen,

Today, Ms Merkel and I laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and honoured the memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War, which was such a tremendous tragedy for the entire world and for our nations. We stand in agreement in our assessment of these events and on the historical lessons to be learned.

Today’s joint ceremony reminds us of the difficult road that Russia and Germany traversed in the name of reconciliation. We went from bitter, hardened feelings to mutual understanding and cooperation. I am grateful to the Federal Chancellor for her sincere words of regret over the crimes that Nazi Germany committed against our citizens.

The Federal Chancellor and I held substantive talks and discussed a broad range of bilateral and international matters. It is no secret that Russian-German relations are not going through the best of times due to our differing positions on the events in Ukraine.

Our bilateral trade decreased by 6.5 percent in 2014 – the first drop in the last five years. The drop exceeded 35 percent in the first two months of this year. This situation is not in the interests of either Russia or Germany. In this respect, I must say that the business community in Germany itself would like to see the lifting of these artificial barriers to developing our mutually advantageous trade and economic ties.

Businesspeople are pragmatic by nature. They are therefore not leaving the Russian market and are assessing the current opportunities for doing successful business here. More than 6,000 German companies have a presence in the Russian market, and total accumulated German investment in the Russian economy comes to more than $21 billion. I remind you that around 100 German companies took part in just the single project of preparing the infrastructure for the Sochi Olympic Games. They had contracts worth a total of 1.5 billion euros and they performed the work and received the money as agreed.

There are other areas where the cooling in our bilateral relations has affected our business ties. But there are also areas that continue to develop. Interregional cooperation is one such area. For example, 23 Russian regions have solid ongoing contacts with 14 regions in Germany. A large conference of twin cities is scheduled to take place in Karlsruhe at the end of June, and around 100 pairs of twin cities are expected to attend.

We are developing our cooperation potential in the cultural and humanitarian sphere. We are now summing up the results of the reciprocal years of the Russian and German languages and literature, which took place in 2014–2015. Around 200 events were organised as part of this programme, many of them focused on our two countries’ youth. This prompted the idea of organising a year of youth exchanges in 2016. I think this is an important initiative with a focus on the future.

recent meeting to celebrate 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Russia

recent meeting to celebrate 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Russia



I want to remind you that our countries have succeeded in pursuing constructive cooperation in much tougher conditions and more difficult times than the situation today, times when it seemed that insurmountable ideological barriers divided us. There were plenty of positive examples of cooperation back then. I will not go through them now, I think that you are all familiar with them.

Naturally, our discussion of the international agenda focused primarily on the situation in Ukraine. Ms Merkel and I are in regular contact on this issue, including through our joint discussions with the Presidents of France and Ukraine in the Normandy format talks, which has shown itself to be quite an effective instrument for international facilitation of a peaceful settlement for the conflict in the Donbass region.

Yes, it is true that we differ considerably in our assessment of the events that led to the anti-constitutional coup in the Ukrainian capital in February 2014. But at the same time, I am sure that you will all agree, and the participants in the peace talks say this constantly, that there is no alternative to a peaceful diplomatic solution. To achieve this, we must fully and strictly abide by the Minsk agreements reached on February 12 this year. I remind you that peace settlement measures form a package that ties together all of the key aspects for a settlement: political, military, socioeconomic and humanitarian.

I think that we have every reason to say that the Minsk process is making progress, not without difficulties along the way, but it is moving forward. You know that after February 12, in spite of all the problems in southeastern Ukraine, the situation has been quieter there, even if there are still the problems that we know about. I firmly believe that the only way to guarantee a reliable and lasting settlement is to organise direct dialogue between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk.

I think this is one of the key conditions for a settlement in general. I also think it essential to lift the economic embargo, restore financial and banking ties, and carry out constitutional reform with the southeastern regions’ involvement. The Minsk Agreements of February 12 cover all of these areas, and as I said, they must be implemented.

We are happy that after the Normandy format consultations on April 30, when we had another telephone conversation, the four sub-groups set up to address specific areas of the settlement process began their work in Minsk on May 6. We will do everything possible to make their work effective, though success here depends above all on the people who have power, above all the authorities in Kiev.

We will exert all possible influence on the authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk in order to ensure that this process goes at the hoped-for speed and quality. Ms Merkel and I agreed to work more closely on the crisis in Ukraine, including through the Normandy format.

We also discussed our bilateral relations and spoke about the need to continue our talks on Ukraine’s association agreement with the European Union with respect to its impact on our economic interests. I want to inform you that a Russian delegation headed by the Economic Development Minister will go to Brussels on May 17–19.

Thank you for your attention.”

In the current world stage politics of War and hate are sadly on the ascendency throughout the Middle East in places like Iraq, Syria, and the larger problem of ISIL as well as the Yemen fighting is rife.    NATOs illegal destruction of Libya under the Gadaffi regime has pushed a modern country to the brink of the middle ages with massive infrastructure  destruction cusing up to 10 hour power cuts and Gaddafi AIDS!” little surprises this journalist.

The Iraq war begun by riding roughshod over democratic issues in both USA and UK by w’s sidekick Blair (both war criminals if there is any justice left in this world) and the destruction of Afghanistan to restart the drug trade after 9/11 (many more now in USA, believe was an inside job!)   The paper trail is there but hidden but that is why people of integrity like Snowden are such a danger to them!  Also Julian Assange.  Strangely enough when these people are in power they fail to eliminate the paper trail.  So they spy on us to flag up if we might be getting too close for comfort.  With an American Election and a Scottish Election next year The world faces a decision which radically changes the future as I titled this article  a Brave (peaceful) new world or A New World Order (constant war).  That is the stark choice.  Only Vladimir Putin seems to counter the latter and for that is pictured as the enemy.  We need to take heed of democracy and indeed ensure we have the ability to hold the politicians to account and under the curren media laws that is not going to happen .  Milliband suffered as he suggested reigning in Murdoch and his cronies by changes in ownership legislation. to curtail the magolamaniacs who own far too much of the media and thus control the perception of what is going on.

As in my last item I told you to VOTE now I urge you to be vociferous if you feel they do not keep thier word.   It only takes a couple of dozen votes in parliament on a vote of no confidence to force another general Election .    That should be a reality check for every PM!

Growing the economy is the key. War hides the economic issues under the cloak of patriotism as in second world war rationing!  They are trying to do the same as the downturn in economy may well be more cataclysmic than they are telling us!  A world war with again someone picked to be the enemy hides THIER MISTAKES, GREED AND DOWNRIGHT CORRUPTION.   We become the cannon fodor to use an age old expression. You can bet your last buck the big guys will be safe in thier luxury underground bunkers they have been building – look up google-  over past decade.

The next big story will be Europe and a pro euro stance in the media bar none!  So speak up but do you homework first nothing you see after all is what it seems . What you  see is not what you get!



vote, vote and VOTE!

Since universal franchise in UK is available it is really vital to use your vote.  In recent years governments have controlled your lives based on less than one third of the voters bothering to turn up and vote at all.

In any democracy you USE IT OR LOSE IT!  There is granted not much of a choice of candidates who are really interested in serving the public but they do exist. Look at constituencies which time and again return same person to office they must be doing something right.  However, many are unknown as they never get or seek high cabinet office.  Indeed those who are household names may not be that popular in thier own areas as thier time is spent in London and around Westminster area.

In the upcoming election there is a lesson from the referendum which narrowly avoided independence.   The turnout who signed up was the highest in recent history and around 86% bothered to go to the polls to save the union or divide it.

In the coming election such a turnout in Scotland could well decimate the Labour vote north of the border and set a large number of SNP MPs in westminster holding a large advantage in assuring or destroying legislation.


It is a fact trickle down economy does not work, excepting for the 1% in control, and austerity equally does not work while draconian tax regimes on the rich and companies as was the norm in the 50s resulted in the largest expansion of the economy both sides of the atlantic in living history FACT.


p8110953.jpg  norwegian  fjord!

      The current economy benefits the few from perpetual wars and low taxes on the rich.    The Nordic countries have similare sized populations to Scotland and do fairly well.  Norway has a massive oil piggy bank now around 7trillion krone, and although feeling the pinch is still better off than UK,  Denmark too is in a reasonable state as is Iceland, the only place to imprison the Bankers for the proflicacy and gambling with other people’s money!  A very interesting precedent.  How about Fred the shred!, who got a 7million pay off for losing around 79bilion!   Greece has broken the mould and a new party wins a move to stop austerity and try a new way!  Talks with Russia are underway and they have looked at the bitcoin economy too.

We need to think outside the box  if we have more of the same faces in Westminster after the May election then we should not be surprised if we get more of the same old! same old ! tired failed poitics favouring the fat cats, rich donors and squeezing the middle class and robbing money from the NHS to privatise by stealth, and squeezing the education budget.   Businesses cannot operate successfully without an educated workforce, so they should share much of the burden of education costs.  The bonuses the banking industry pays should go to education. Indeed one bonus was equal to twenty years annual pay of two professors salaries! think on that when you vote.


Highland Mary still looking for a proper ferry!

Highland Mary still looking for a proper ferry!

Pick a party that can win in your area research thier manifesto and vote creatively not slavishly for party.  It is time for others not the tired same old sam old!   Indeed there is little difference between Conservative and Labour perhaps it is time for SNP, SDA, Plaid Cymru,  and the Greens.      A rainbow coalition perhaps would be a sign of hope. For the first time there will be UKIP, SNP in more numbers than you may expect as disenchanted voters move party for this narrow election.   In or out of Europe will dominate as will the economy,  immigraion and tax issues as the day nears to vote.

The television debates have given us little or nothing worthwhile;  nor has their been a head to head debate by those two men who wish to be in No. 10.   possibly due to a PM running scared?

In the coming weeks start looking closer at what they promise and look back at what they promised last time and failed.  The conservites have actually INCREASED THE NATIONAL DEBT IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS!   while cutting billions off the companies and corporation taxes and tax avoidance for the rich.

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?


The gap between rich and poor has grown exponentially in the five years.  The number of foodbanks has practically quadrupled and they can hardly cope with the need and the ruling parties try to suggest they are winning!  YOU GOT TO BE JOKING if it were not so serious it would be laughable thier propganda.   They have also destablised the world and tried to isolate Russia.  This also has not worked but has for the first time in history forged an alliance between Russia and China. part of the BRIC economies.     The BRIC economies have half the worlds population in thier sights and one that is developing and growing.   While we allow the EU to be unaudited and in places corrupt sucking money in the wrong direction.  Whether you like or hate the EU it is a useful commercial area, but should not be tried to be turned into a massive sovereign area with a military to boot!  It by the way has half of one seventh of the worlds poplulation and it is a massively ageing popultion at that. Im one of them!

In coming weeks forget the party political rhetoric it is on the whole fictional anyway, but instead crunch the numbers and ask the awkward questions instead.

Have fun but above all  –  GO OUT  AND  VOTE!



Vladimir Putin has been on the world Stage much longer than any other current US President or for that matter UK prime minister.  SO why on earth is the leadership of the west backing what is a blatant nazi regime in Ukraine that even a large number of Ukrainians do not like.  They came in to power by force just who was behind them is unknown, however, they are clearly Nazis the head of thier Parliament even had the temerity to go to the German parliament and say the worst mistake in history they had was to allow the defeat of Hitler!!  The same mans birthday cake had a massive Swastika on it. so why Oh why is the drums of war against Russia?


kremlin-ru_photo-12022President  Vladimir   Putin.

official photo.

Vladimir Putin is possibly the first Russian leader open about his christian Faith and his connection to the Russian Orthodox church too.  He is someone with a wide range of experience and due to his time in the KGB he is well aware of the dirty tricks of all countries including his own.   He is fiercely patriotic too although he knows much of the culture and history of Europe.  He was based in East Germany,, where coinciedentally Anglele Merkle grew up too.  The fact that Merkle understands the Ukraine situation better than most and the inherent dangers of military moves.

The Ukraine was like many other separate countries part of the soviet Union and the satellites.  The Ukrainians on the whole supported Hitlers NAzis and ran Treblinka death camp.  It was the Russians who defeated Hitler in thier part of the war and indeed who liberated Aushwitz.   The current sitiuations in the world such as ISIL and the Ukraine have murky pasts in thier beginnings.  ISIL WAS created to defeat Bashir Al ASSAD, who probably was one of the most likely middle east rulers to bring in democracy eventually to his country as he was educated in UK and his wife too.  They are young too compared to the other middle east dynasties.  Assad understands realpolitik!   He knows the dangers even within dynasties after all his uncle killed his older brother ina move to take over the country. Rifat Assad brother of the former Ruler of Syria Hafez al Assad, is an alleged Arms and Drugs baron base d in France when he was banished after the murder of Bashir’s elder brother.   When Bashir came to power Rifat tried a coup but it failed as loyal advisor Mustafa Tlass was able to telegraph it and put an end to it for good.




It is mainly due to Syrias refusal to accept the loss of the Golan heights to Israel that the Israeli hawks pressure the USA and UK to attack him.  Russia  has been a close ally of Syria for a long time and also so is Iran and the Hizbollah in Lebanon.  Indeed some fighters from the military arm of Hizbollah have been in Syria dealing with the al nusra front and the al qaeda,  The  kurdish warriors have also been  fighting ISIL too in Iraq and syria.   Russia also needs to balance a world where the super power status of the USA needs to have a balance yet it is interesting to note that for first time in history Russia and China are forging ties economicaly and in world views etc., and in the BRIC groupings.



Vladimir Putin official Kremlin Photo.

The USA coming up to another election year in 2016  the trouble spots of the world are likely to be similar for the new leaders and the negativity towards Russia is not going to change much what is key will be the middle east with the sweeping changes in Saudi Arabia  made by the new ruler where will the behind the scenes strings be pulled and by whom?