THE  LAST few terrror attacks have taken a new turn love wolves is a term used by media perhpas advised by the security services.  in many cases after the incident the lone wolf or wolvves end up dead in a hail of police bullets not surprising but a bit counter productve if we want to stop this type of attaack.

Sadly the Rambla Barcelona has been the location of the latest attacks plus a locale near Barcelona  this time there is a pack if not more than one pack at work  again most seem to have ended up dead or at least not caught yet! Major gas finds in Syrian area and in the middle east.  may be to blame .  Im fascinated that my statistics jumped up from one turkish source  why i wondeer.???

In the coming days we will hear more of this sad terror attacks and the loss of life even children died a three year old.       The key is to make sure we capture one of these wolves and make him talk see if just a criminal decided to do deed on own or if he was inspired by rubbish on the internet or dark net.  was he paid as there are costs in the terror someone pays for hire so a money trail needs to be found .  it can be found too .  Trouble is most of the clamp downs are at the wrong end of the market thoe ordinary punter suffers while the big fish swim freely.

There are some intersting alliances forming in the asian area Turkey and Russia forming more friendly relations also Russia and China. also forming relationships.  The USA in the misdst of confusing messages from a President who seems to be more   interested in firing people around him than taking their advice.   Also far right and left groups are  becoming hostile openly to each other.   It is an unusual time indeed


more to follow more research on going.







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