To Be or not to be…SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!

IT is  fitting title for a puzzling time in the U.K.  what with BREXIT and perhaps the exit of Scotland from the Union?  The first part of the title is from the English Bard Shakespeare while the remainder of the title id the bedt known Scottish song!   The answer is multi level and far more complex.



There are several Nordic countries smaller populations yet survive and even thrive.  However, more younger Scots feel they are Scottidh before British unlike 50 years ago!  The last referendum result was narrow and some suspect was rigged.  It is no surprise a SECOND referendum is needed. THE  SNP  are simply keeping to thier manifesto promise due to BREXIT result. Unlike the Chancellor who had to make s sharp ordered U TURN!!!  Under internstional law and treaties PM May will be unable to stop it. As cameron was reminded and came to Edinburgh with Blank paper to sign!  😅  according toa reliable source.


oil industry in Aberdeen the Oil and energy Capital of Scotland


The real question is the economy and the constitution. Well a written one has been dtaftef by a thonl tank prior to first referendum and as for economy well Maggie Thatcher destroyed the mining and steel industries and was convinced of Friedmans  market driven model which even Friedman admitted eas WRONG AND RUBBISH!  What of Oil. Well despite recent politically low pricrs to try tp damage the Russian economy.  In reality prices must rise. In the medium term maybe little but in far future some predict high demand and smaller reserves $200  a barrel!

However the opposition tp the SNP paint it oil is a bonus not the bread and butter that is thibgs like tourism and  agriculture and Whisky currently put performibg oil sector on i come.  Interesting that Cameron visited Shetland just before the teferendum vote day and failed to announce BP’S largest westof Shetland basin find which will produce millions of barrels daily. BP afmit it is larger than the forties find whichkicked off the oil bonanza!



Highland Mary still looking for a proper ferry!


So if the people of Scotland the brave dare to say YES!  then they will simply return to being a more active Nation in Europe with thier own currency to boot they could be all but debt free! That is for another blog.


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