It  is some time since I blogged been ill and in hospital so now im back and hopefully will get back to a normality a new blog per fortnight.  The range of topics is likely to be wide ranging as usual.  

When I got home I was in time to see the Tennis from Wimbledon and a range of matches  ending with the winning Mens Singles on the Sunday won by Scotland’s own Andrew Murray.      I  also  was treated to the politial mayhem from the run up to the referendum   on the 23rd and then the brexit aftermath shock of the media.  They really have to stop being so hide bound and controlled by thier political friends.   They seem to be totally flumoxed when Brexit won south o fthe border.

Prestwick beach


However,  there is  now everything up for grabs a shocked PM resigned and the ship of government in UK became rudderless and people lined up to be the new PM.   in the end there was a single person came through the mayhem = Theresa May , Home Secretary who is not the new PM.


Forth Bridge.

So now we could be ready for the Brexit Mayhem.  Scotland want IN  England Wales want OUT and Northern Ireland like Scotland want in. over all the UK votes were a narrow Victory for the OUT brigade led by former Mayor of London Boris Johnson who now ended up as Foreign Secretary.   The challengers Gove ended up being fired as was Osborne the chancellor.  As the government did the hokey kokey pushing some IN and other Out and others reeling at the result.  We now are ready to dance with the EU but not as partner.


leaving the Clyde  

With the USA election on the horizon and the two main contenders being Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton  the future is possibly more Mayhem!

The  future is probably more uncertain than usual but with careful planning and a lot of good will on all sides it can turn  out even better.  My heartrate was out of rhythm but so was our politics and indeed so is world politics at present we live in interesting but dangerous times.  and even more surprising the Chilcot report is published AT LAST!   it concluded Blair Lied, there were no WMD in Iraq and yes they not interested in looking at the PM BLAIR!  but have the temerity to suggest some soldiers may be prosecuted not before BLAIR AND BUSH PLEASE!








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