The month of February is coming to its short close with 24 extra hours as it is a leap year!   It has been more like a month of death than love!   The middle east is in an unstable situation thanks to the WEstern Governments and NATO interference in places such as Libya, Syria, and Iraq and Afghanistan.  

The death toll in Syria is massive and unknown in real terms at the moment.  The US regime  change policy – get rid of Saddam,  of Qadaffi et al now Assad is something of a disaster and in an Presidential election year we have the rise of Donald Trump. promising to build walls!   What next!



casualty one of thousands

The idea and spin of suggesting all this is done in the name of spreading democracy is spurious and people are beginnin to see it.  What is ironic is that hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the death and destruction are heading for what they see as the promised lands of the west particularly Britain!   The European union and the easy borders agreements have now been put under so much strain that the whole project is creaking at the seams as well as the economies sorely tested.   Even the Strong Germany is having a rise of the right wing facists very worrying indeed.  Sweden always once a welcome open border is shutting the gate to stem the tide of those seeking a better life for them and their offspring.

Even those is Libya who were anti Gadaffi wish he were beck in control!! that tells you it all and to make it worse it is where ISIS is seeking to headquarter.  The global political secene is too unusual   Putin is  out of favor as is Russia Iran is in favour with the WEst. However time they looked around !


the man the new world order people hate.

todays Kremilin Press info:-

Mr Putin and Mr Rouhani noted the importance of continuing their joint efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, including by continuing the resolute fight against ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups on the UN Security Council’s list of terrorist organisations.

Should they all not be singing from the same hymn sheet as the US keep telling us they want peace and democracy but you dont get that at the barrel of a gun!


Lebanon may well end up in turmoil.

Let us hope that as we go into March we get more peace and democracy!

In the west wishe Presidential elections and in Scotland a Scottish Parliamentary Election as well as a referendum on in or out of Europe! it will be a time to vote for one and all able so to do.   Ballot papers is what is needed in the mid east while the bullets fly little or no democracy can follow.   We can keep our eyes open in these elections in the U.K for the new political kids on the block in Scotland the SDA !


logo of the new political organisation on the scene






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