In Scotland the title is what many would say to friends wishing them a good new year and indeed the coming of this year is going to be a busy political one what with the Scottish Parliamentary elections, the possibility of an early Referendum on Europe and at the end of the year no less than the  United States of America’s Presidential Race while just around the corner are the Primary elections for those in the race for nomination of their party.

logo of the new political organisation on the scene

logo of the new political organisation on the scene



In the USA electoral battle there is the wildcard of Donald Trump amongst the most outspoken of all the Republican Candidates.   The more wild the outburst he makes the higher in the polls he seems to rise.  However,  it does not follow that he will atomatically end up as the choice for the Republican Party nor is it a shoe in for Hillary on the Democrats.  Late entrants and underdogs have been know to come to the fore just in time.  There are a couple of dream tickets possible for those more socially minded in the Democrats .  Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren  while on the Republicans it is harder to find such a ticket but Jeb Bush aint finished yet and remember if he does become nominee you heard it here first.

looking towards Gourock.

looking towards Gourock.

In Scotland there is all to fight for in the Parliamentary elections with a landslide victory in Scotland which left the major parties south of the border with just one candidate each!!  the battle to get more representation for the Conservative Party and the Labour and Lib Dems will be crucial if there is to be anything other than a yellow coloured parliament and i aint meaning liberal!!

The key issues will be the economy and indeed the amount the UK government give to increase funds to ensure local authorities can function well.   The Oil revenues  will although down be a talking point.  Remeber the Forties Field came on stream when the price per barrel was in the teens and twenties  only reaching the thirties much later.    The massive spike in oil prices were a massive bonus for the UK government which kept all but 7 or 8% of it ..  The Meager remainder going to Scotland.  In recent days David tries to be magnanimous to Abereen announcing a billion for  the city peanuts when set against the 2 million barrels of income to the UK Government.

The health service is a key issue and not well funded in line with the amount of work there is  to do there.    I  also think that the transport infrastructure  is in need of a bonus influx of money if we are not to totally fall beind the rest of Europe.

     The membership of the Eu is also high on the Parliamentary agenda  as the UK government seem to want to pull the referndum into this year.  although it would be  a suprise if all the protocols can be completed in time for a referendum in June.

Indeed it is  the EU membership which may well trigger another Scottish Independence referendum in Scotland.  The first Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made no bones about in recent times.    The negotiations between Cameron and Sturgeon recently at No. 10 would have been worth being a fly on the Wall the young First minister is no pushover Cameron will have found out.

So with Trump picking a fight with former first Minister and being less than flattering and in view of the suggested Ban on Trump called for in UK after his outburst on Muslims  he is far from Popular and the same goes for his neighbours  at his Scottish North East Golf course.  He has picked a fight he lost when one neighbour could not be bought  out.

Indeed his attack on the former First Minister was seen by some Republicans as an attack on Scotland a place dear to them.   It may have damaged him more than he realises.  Scotland is in some way finding a greater interest in Politics with not just one but two new political kids on the block.  They are in their embryo stages but the Scottish Democratic Alliance formed back in 2007 is now slowly developing into a small but interesting force.    It clearly scared the powers that be were scared enough to try to break it up with agent provocateurs.

I hope to develop  coverage of the elections from a slightly different angle but none the less informative.  I will let you know what the polls say too.

it is going to be a guid political new year indeed!







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