I have as you will have read if you follow my blog looked at Russian scams especially the sort who use the romantic approach.  It has led me to ask the above question.  No one is scam  proof especially those seeking companionship or love.  If they are for real that is ok there are legitimate websites who seek to link people taking the first tentative steps.  However there are many many more which are moneyspinners and it is them that need to be shut down. A rigorous license system is what is needed for verification.

Now the person may contact someone out o f the blue with a very plausible request but what will ensue may be true or false and if you pays your money you may end up paying more and more .

Nigeria is a country which is number one for Scams and have been for decades. The con men and maybe women are adept in this and millions have been made from the hapless and less than cautious.

The difficulty that the internet poses is that you may get a photo, but how can you check who this really is and who is sending it has possession of the copyright in other words they are who they say they are.

Thanks next blog will be back to greek tragedy.



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