help at Bethlehem Camp

dateline Israel.

sninternational news source.


Important news about:
Social solidarity campaign waged by the Prince Nasereddin Abu Sharif Association in villages and refugee camps constantly rising this week
JERUSALEM – 07/11/2015
Continue on Saturday, a campaign for the distribution of the ration of good funds by the Prince Nasir al-Din Abu Sharif Association (validity school judge and buried in the tombs of Mamilla in Jerusalem) in the provinces of Palestine and learned that the Dheisheh refugee camp in the Bethlehem governorate will witness this evening to celebrate the distribution of hundreds of funds to the needy and the poor in the holy month of Ramadan and that Brother fighter Bassam Abu Sharif supervisor of this campaign will attend this ceremony after Tarawih prayers.
And will take place in the provinces of Palestine distribution of funds goodness ration operations successively on Sundays and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays….more to come


The trouble in Israel Palestine continue to marr the chances of peace treaties working.  Time is long overdue for peace to reign in this whole region and instead of the war enriching the greedy and bloodthirsty armaments companies owners  it should be the travel trade that benefits and general commerce and agriculture there in the cradle of civilisation.

we will soon publish yet another greek article in the series.





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