In the light o f the happenings in greece I am

publishing more of the material from my Greek Contact


Shady project assignments in Information Society SA
Our research brings to light new shocking evidence regarding the days and work of the last Board of Directors of the Information Society SA. These actions constitute a flagrant violation of the Public Procurement and Recruitment Act.
A simple search on the website diavgeia, where all expenditure of the public bodies are uploaded, reveals the unstable framework based on which this company operates, a company that is funded by the taxpayers’ money and has the responsibility of handling huge funds for the development of our country.
It is really surprising the fact that no public prosecutor or inspector of public administration has yet taken any action. Inevitably, the post itself is not enough. There has to be someone to check these posts.
We downloaded a series of the company’s payments to various natural persons that have been assigned a specific project for a fee in several months. With a closer look, however, one can easily see that for a period exceeding 12 months in most cases the same projects are assigned with the same fee to the same persons every month.
George Tsakogiannis, CEO, is nowhere to be found
I attempted to contact Mr. George Tsakogiannis, CEO of the company, personally but that has not been possible as his secretary, Mrs. Mpismpiki, informed us that he was busy with the election of the new Board of Directors of the Information Society SA.
Apparently, Mr. Ioannidis and his clique had “discovered” a way of doling out money to each other without accounting for anything and to anyone. Rather than proceeding with tenders by applying meritocratic procedures and setting specific criteria in order to meet their needs, as set out and applied by every public official who respects the money of the Greek people, they preferred the direct assignments.
Project segmentation and armies of consultants
Applying segmentation practices of projects in order for them to break in amounts which were not provided in the contest, the Chairman and CEO assigned to anyone of their liking amounts up to 4,000 € without accounting to anyone.
In addition, this practice, i.e. assigning the same projects to the same persons each month, constitutes violation of public recruitment acts, since the aforementioned is a dependent employment relationship.
In this way Ioannidis with the help of Tzoanni initially and of Tsakogiannis later managed to create a small army of consultants and burden the Greek State with their remunerations.
Some of the people to whom Ioannidis “assigned” projects is Mrs Kountouris, Mrs Xirouhakis, Mr Manolopoulos, Mrs Genidogan, Mr Grylakis, Mrs Stamatiadis, Mr Martakis, Mr Kapelas, Mrs Katopi, Mr Nabil Rissani and Mrs Kafetzi. All these cost around 20,000 € a month for the Greek people.
Provocative Remunerations
Their remunerations were a challenge to the rest of the executives of the company while the only criterion for the assignment of projects to them or their recruitment was their acquaintance with Ioannidis or those who placed him in this position.
Furthermore, according to information, it seems that the CEO implemented the above practice in order to distribute money to his own people with his secretary Mrs Mpismpiki being the characteristic example whose main occupation is her psychiatric office and the secretarial services provided to the Information Society SA, an activity that brings her the considerable amount of 1,500 € a month. Amount greater than that paid to the official senior managers in the public sectors.
This practice is applied also by other executives of the company, such as Mr Demestichas who seems to employ pensioners of the Greek Navy, friends of his father, as well as friends of his wife and daughter while in the management of government projects appear to participate external contractors who are compensated with amounts between 1.700 and 2.000 euros. Which are the criteria you base on for deciding to pay these amounts, which appears nobody is aware of?
Virtual Invoices and Front men
Interesting are the relevant complaints that we received via mail after sending past articles from former employees in Information Society SA. Most characteristic is the one of Mr. Tsakogiannis’ close friend who seems to bring either his own invoices or invoices of others which he received without legitimate signatures but only with the mandate of the CEO while there are hints that the money ended up to him. It seems that Mr Tsakogiannis discovered an easy way to increase his remuneration.
We do not disagree with the employees being remunerated with high wages if they deserve them and we wish that all employees could receive the same amount paid to Ioannidis’ friends. However, did they deserve to get these remunerations?
With this article I urge each competent authority to investigate these allegations and to check the legality of project assignments and whether these constitute segmentation or conceal a dependent employment relationship..



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