In the coming next few blogs I am publishing some material from a new Greek contact.

It will show again the corruption in the system.

I will also publish a background on the writer at the end of the series.

Finally, the curtain falls, for the worst Board Members who ever walked through the door of the Information Society S.A. (K.t.P. A.E.) According to information, it was requested of all members to resign, and last Thursday they held their farewell meeting, not in order to make decisions though, but to safeguard their weekly compensation of around 80 Euros which they receive as a fee per board meeting, just to cause problems within the company.

Tragic is the account of their work which they leave behind, in all respects and fields.

To the management of State Aid, not only did they fail to announce even one new action, but with their actions they managed the cancellation of the activity of Digi-Mobile, to the amount of 30 million euro, even before an official update was issued to the companies that submitted proposals and let it be noted that in this activity over 7.000 lower-middle class businesses had applied.

Creating a variety of obstacles, they managed to form conditions so they could become spokesmen with companies that had implemented the projects.

This criminal strategy however led to many delays, finally preventing businesses to carry out their projects. From the 350 million budget they received for action, it’s highly unlikely that 60 million was actually absorbed.

300 million was lost for the lower middle class businesses, which were waiting for a breath from the funds of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA), in which if they are not absorbed they have to be returned to the European Union.

They managed to increase the average payback period of investment projects from 70 days to an estimated 1,000 days, while they made various unsubstantiated reports to authorities and froze payments to businesses by creating pretext for further delays and problems in our already struggling and suffering Greek Economy.

It seems though, that on their way out of the door, they also got what they deserved! Countless lawsuits and damage claims from companies in which they tried and in many cases managed to destroy.

Apparently they never understood their position and role, or they most probably had other purposes and plans in their minds all along!

In the field of Public Sector Projects, it seems that things went a little better, since they managed to give all the projects to their own companies, again however creating huge delays with result, many projects risking being left outside the budget.

The anti-corruption prosecutors, if they want to address the issue and really dig into it, they will surely find a ‘Gold Mine’ of corruptive evidence against them.

Let it be noted that the President of the Board Members, and the one responsible for the whole fiasco was Antonis Ioannidis, Assistant professor for (ASOEE) Higher School of Economics and Commercial Sciences. Ioannidis, a man with a dark past because of his involvement in the case of illegal financing towards the University of Ioannina, and the slush funds in the telephone numbers portability project, was placed on a recommendation from Menelaos Daskalakis (former CEO of New Democracy party), and despite ongoing failures, he was supported by the office of Antonis Samaras (former Prime Minister of Greece), with which he claims that he communicated regularly and privately.

His accomplices to the above: mainly other members of the board. Let it be noted that most board members are also united by family ties.

Top of the list of course you will find scheming Stathis Panagiotopoulos (well known member of Information Society S.A., and a highly discussed member within the Board itself).

Panagiotopoulos also played the role of mentor, advising and instructing. A new face is also added to all this dishonesty and corruption and it goes by the name of George Tsakogiannis (former CEO of Information Society S.A.), who seems to have faithfully executed all commands given to him.

Ohhh… Poor Greece!

It remains to be seen, what changes the new government will make in the area of information and technology. Will it place in power new people with better and correct vision, OR will the new power just be combined and united with the old?

Athanasios Laspopoulos,

for Sn International.



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