With the development of the internet one has seen many things migrate to the cyber world. Not least romance and a plethora of dating sites around the world.  In this area of romance many are  aware of the hurt and difficulties in such an emotional area.  Whenever a business goes online there is the danger that those of evil intent will be there too.  Not least to make money out of people who are fleeced and then are so ashamed and upset at being nieve to report the loss of money.   In recent times with web cams galore a new twist in this area of robbery, for that is what it is they are common thieves and deserve no other title than cowardly too.

In the new twist they found that people were being tricked onto cameras and doing some things they would rather not like people they know to see are blackmailed into paying hundreds of pounds usually but some have been robbed of up to 100,000.



With a shortage of  suitable men in various places women turn to these agencies some quite legitimate to find their significant other.  However, it is Russia I want to write about here.   There are a number of sites online offering various services.  SOme are travel firms who make introductions in Russia and indeed some make the clients pay for a trip there to meet thier to be Bride.  In some cases it is successful.  However, there are other scams which steal email lists and get thier staff to write many people and if they get a reply engage them in communication with the aim of later requesting money.   Usually for what appear plausible reasons.  but there is a pattern firstly if someone you dont know emails you be ware the safe no. 1 rule is delete it!  If you reply look for a pattern in the initial stage they will seek to find out much about you and sound interested they may even give detail of themselves or who they are supposed to be as this is taking place online then they will give you photographs.   However again be careful although these may seem above board they are probably stolen from  Photographic businesses as this is an organised Crime making millions annually.

In recent year the BBC did an investigation of dating sites in uk and uncovered a business which was full of smoke and mirrors.  Indeed many people whose photos appeared on some sites were more than surprised as they themselves had not signed up.  In the race to have a large choice for customers men and womens identities were mis used and in some cases the whole business was false and a fraud to get money out of the nieve customer who was vulnerable.

Indeed back to Russia there are several sites, but it is the direct mail out of the blue which is possibly the least easy to spot. Oftentimes the opening gambit is either complimentary towards the person receiving the email or suggests some aquaintance suggested the contact may be useful to both parties.   Several letters down the line money comes into the frame.  Either a plea of being hard up and a vital medical emergency in the close family circle demands some money they do not have they hate asking of course but beware and act as you may in real life on the street if a complete stranger requested the amount they ask for would you part with oyour hard earned money.

so the next time you are tempted by a a Russian Temptress remember the Golden rules.

1, do not under any circumstance send money.  If you do you will never hear again.

2. Check the website address or the email address and check the massive Scammers lists and the Survive Scammers lists too.  If the person you supposedly are communicating with is there just do not reply ever again.



There are two victims in this kind of crime.  The person who actually gets sucked in and sends money usually through Moneygram or WEstern Union, and of course the people whose photographs are sent around the globe.   They may not even know they are being used as bait. They too can help break up this crime by calling local police in their area.

So next time a Russian beauty suggests you are the one, beware of the money request, however plausible, it may not be from Russia with Love but rather The love of your hard earned money.

while we are on the subject can anyone on the planet tell me whom this may be.???





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