It is once again the seven days in May that matter to Scotland and indeed to the World.  The Kirk as the Church of Scotland is called affectionately meets annually in its highest court the General Assembly in Edinburgh.  The ministers and elders of the Kirk meet to deal with the challenges facing the National Church for the year and for the future.  The opening ceremony is a visual illustration of Church and State relationships and in the case of the Kirk Jesus’ Church precedes State.   The Moderator of the General Asembly, RT. Rev.Dr. Angus Morrison, who will serve the kirk in this post for the next year was welcomed by the outgoing Moderator, Very Rev. John Chalmers.   The challenges facing the church are always varied and this year there are particular problems facing the Kirk..  The lack of Ministers among the priorities as well as dwindling rolls throughout Scotland. 

general Assembly Hall

general Assembly Hall

The Queen and State then enters the Assembly Hall  in the form of the Lord High Commissioner this year Lord Hope. is invited to give an address to the Kirk.  With nearly 1000 delegates who are called Commissioners will spend the next seven days in debate and dialogue with all sides of theological views from evengelical to more liberal as they seek to be as the retiring moderator put it to be Jesus Church! A church that cannot be defeated by the powers of darkness.


The Lord High Commissioner addressed the General Assembly urged the kirk forward in the new millenium.


If you want to see live follow this link.


more later!

off Gibraltar. Church of Scotland's presence here goes back to the 18th century.

off Gibraltar.
Church of Scotland’s presence here goes back to the 18th century.


The first day of the General Assembly took up the key issue on whether or not a congregation can make a choice of a gay minister.   The past few years has been dogged by the issue of Gay clergy and whether or  not  to vote an overture which leaves room for a wider ministry in the Kirk.  There were several speakers from both sides of the argu.e


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