vote, vote and VOTE!

Since universal franchise in UK is available it is really vital to use your vote.  In recent years governments have controlled your lives based on less than one third of the voters bothering to turn up and vote at all.

In any democracy you USE IT OR LOSE IT!  There is granted not much of a choice of candidates who are really interested in serving the public but they do exist. Look at constituencies which time and again return same person to office they must be doing something right.  However, many are unknown as they never get or seek high cabinet office.  Indeed those who are household names may not be that popular in thier own areas as thier time is spent in London and around Westminster area.

In the upcoming election there is a lesson from the referendum which narrowly avoided independence.   The turnout who signed up was the highest in recent history and around 86% bothered to go to the polls to save the union or divide it.

In the coming election such a turnout in Scotland could well decimate the Labour vote north of the border and set a large number of SNP MPs in westminster holding a large advantage in assuring or destroying legislation.


It is a fact trickle down economy does not work, excepting for the 1% in control, and austerity equally does not work while draconian tax regimes on the rich and companies as was the norm in the 50s resulted in the largest expansion of the economy both sides of the atlantic in living history FACT.


p8110953.jpg  norwegian  fjord!

      The current economy benefits the few from perpetual wars and low taxes on the rich.    The Nordic countries have similare sized populations to Scotland and do fairly well.  Norway has a massive oil piggy bank now around 7trillion krone, and although feeling the pinch is still better off than UK,  Denmark too is in a reasonable state as is Iceland, the only place to imprison the Bankers for the proflicacy and gambling with other people’s money!  A very interesting precedent.  How about Fred the shred!, who got a 7million pay off for losing around 79bilion!   Greece has broken the mould and a new party wins a move to stop austerity and try a new way!  Talks with Russia are underway and they have looked at the bitcoin economy too.

We need to think outside the box  if we have more of the same faces in Westminster after the May election then we should not be surprised if we get more of the same old! same old ! tired failed poitics favouring the fat cats, rich donors and squeezing the middle class and robbing money from the NHS to privatise by stealth, and squeezing the education budget.   Businesses cannot operate successfully without an educated workforce, so they should share much of the burden of education costs.  The bonuses the banking industry pays should go to education. Indeed one bonus was equal to twenty years annual pay of two professors salaries! think on that when you vote.


Highland Mary still looking for a proper ferry!

Highland Mary still looking for a proper ferry!

Pick a party that can win in your area research thier manifesto and vote creatively not slavishly for party.  It is time for others not the tired same old sam old!   Indeed there is little difference between Conservative and Labour perhaps it is time for SNP, SDA, Plaid Cymru,  and the Greens.      A rainbow coalition perhaps would be a sign of hope. For the first time there will be UKIP, SNP in more numbers than you may expect as disenchanted voters move party for this narrow election.   In or out of Europe will dominate as will the economy,  immigraion and tax issues as the day nears to vote.

The television debates have given us little or nothing worthwhile;  nor has their been a head to head debate by those two men who wish to be in No. 10.   possibly due to a PM running scared?

In the coming weeks start looking closer at what they promise and look back at what they promised last time and failed.  The conservites have actually INCREASED THE NATIONAL DEBT IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS!   while cutting billions off the companies and corporation taxes and tax avoidance for the rich.

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?


The gap between rich and poor has grown exponentially in the five years.  The number of foodbanks has practically quadrupled and they can hardly cope with the need and the ruling parties try to suggest they are winning!  YOU GOT TO BE JOKING if it were not so serious it would be laughable thier propganda.   They have also destablised the world and tried to isolate Russia.  This also has not worked but has for the first time in history forged an alliance between Russia and China. part of the BRIC economies.     The BRIC economies have half the worlds population in thier sights and one that is developing and growing.   While we allow the EU to be unaudited and in places corrupt sucking money in the wrong direction.  Whether you like or hate the EU it is a useful commercial area, but should not be tried to be turned into a massive sovereign area with a military to boot!  It by the way has half of one seventh of the worlds poplulation and it is a massively ageing popultion at that. Im one of them!

In coming weeks forget the party political rhetoric it is on the whole fictional anyway, but instead crunch the numbers and ask the awkward questions instead.

Have fun but above all  –  GO OUT  AND  VOTE!



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