They lied about: – Iran Air 655,  300 women and children died, Pan Am 103 with 270 fatalities not to mention the ruined lives of families denied closure or the truth, not to include many who were ignored or sidelined because they would not LIE!; 9/11 with possibly 3000 deaths at ground zero not to mention the casualties of the first responders many of whom have died of cancer since; and thier consistant response to truth seekers is to call them Conspiracy theorists in such as way as to make it something negative.   Well remember Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot was labelled a conspiracy theory the only difference that someone checked it out and saved countless lives down through the ages not to mention the Palace of Westminster et al!

With elections coming up on both sides of the Atlantic it is well worth remembering to restore the power of our democracies and get out the vote and ensure the vote is safe.  Remember the stolen 2000 election and the same in 2004 the voting machines were checked out by a University and found to be not onlhy totally unsecure, but that they fixed the vote by switching peoples votes in favor of one candidate!  His surname may well be on the next ballot!! surprise surprise.

Al Gore actually won Florida by some 5-600000 votes! and by the way a fig tree got on one ballot!   Strange but true!

John Kerry the current Secretary of State should have won the 2004 election and Obama’s win was totally unexpected by everyone maybe because he had thousands of lawyers supervising the voting in key places! And he got out the young voters in thier droves.

In the UK voting in the last election showed that we trusted no party strongly at all and so a cobbled together coalition held sway, just, due to new rules they had to have a five year run without no confidence votes!  Neither side has kept thier election manifesto promises at all.  The Lib dems have possibly suffered most due to thier real lack of power or backbone!  you pays your money and takes your choice!

In the coming election the new kids on the block are punching above, well above thier weight.  UKIP for instance does not even exist in Westminster till recent defections winning places, but they are known faces you might say.  Farage is something of an enigma..  He is branded biggoted, racist and pint swilling.  Yet how many of the electorate could also be so labelled.  Interesting to not Farage is married to a German lady, his party has a range of races in its key people and he echoes some of the concerns many have about an uncontrolled immmigration policy.  In the sixties there was the famous Rivers of Blood speech which got an MP into deep water! Enoch Powll was tackling the same difficult issue facing any country how many people do you allow in in order to assimilate them.  After the War many CAribbeans came to the UK.  later waves came from Africa the horn of Africa and even South Africa, during the apartheidt regime.  This problem is not linked to people who are refugees, but even they are controlled.

In the coming weeks consider this the austerity government of 2010 has not reduced our debt rather like the USA government it is racing away nearly 100% of GDP not a good record.   Both sides  of the pond should consider this that the national debt is in danger of sinking the ship.  Domestic or rather household debt on credit cards too is increasing rather than decreasing many would sink if the interest rates rose markedly even as much as 4% unlikely in the next parliament or so!

Tax in the fifties and sixties and indeed till the late seventies was harsh on the top level earners yet it increased jobs and tax take overall.   It is the greed and lack of concern they have for others that has exponentially increased thier wealth. consider this FACT during the recession every luxury product has increased thier sales between 25% and 60% no belt tightening there!


Before y ou vote take it seriously look back at the five years and ask one simple

question  ARE  YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN BACK THEN?  then do your research and see whom you would trust sadly it may be:-






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