Vladimir Putin has been on the world Stage much longer than any other current US President or for that matter UK prime minister.  SO why on earth is the leadership of the west backing what is a blatant nazi regime in Ukraine that even a large number of Ukrainians do not like.  They came in to power by force just who was behind them is unknown, however, they are clearly Nazis the head of thier Parliament even had the temerity to go to the German parliament and say the worst mistake in history they had was to allow the defeat of Hitler!!  The same mans birthday cake had a massive Swastika on it. so why Oh why is the drums of war against Russia?


kremlin-ru_photo-12022President  Vladimir   Putin.

official photo.

Vladimir Putin is possibly the first Russian leader open about his christian Faith and his connection to the Russian Orthodox church too.  He is someone with a wide range of experience and due to his time in the KGB he is well aware of the dirty tricks of all countries including his own.   He is fiercely patriotic too although he knows much of the culture and history of Europe.  He was based in East Germany,, where coinciedentally Anglele Merkle grew up too.  The fact that Merkle understands the Ukraine situation better than most and the inherent dangers of military moves.

The Ukraine was like many other separate countries part of the soviet Union and the satellites.  The Ukrainians on the whole supported Hitlers NAzis and ran Treblinka death camp.  It was the Russians who defeated Hitler in thier part of the war and indeed who liberated Aushwitz.   The current sitiuations in the world such as ISIL and the Ukraine have murky pasts in thier beginnings.  ISIL WAS created to defeat Bashir Al ASSAD, who probably was one of the most likely middle east rulers to bring in democracy eventually to his country as he was educated in UK and his wife too.  They are young too compared to the other middle east dynasties.  Assad understands realpolitik!   He knows the dangers even within dynasties after all his uncle killed his older brother ina move to take over the country. Rifat Assad brother of the former Ruler of Syria Hafez al Assad, is an alleged Arms and Drugs baron base d in France when he was banished after the murder of Bashir’s elder brother.   When Bashir came to power Rifat tried a coup but it failed as loyal advisor Mustafa Tlass was able to telegraph it and put an end to it for good.




It is mainly due to Syrias refusal to accept the loss of the Golan heights to Israel that the Israeli hawks pressure the USA and UK to attack him.  Russia  has been a close ally of Syria for a long time and also so is Iran and the Hizbollah in Lebanon.  Indeed some fighters from the military arm of Hizbollah have been in Syria dealing with the al nusra front and the al qaeda,  The  kurdish warriors have also been  fighting ISIL too in Iraq and syria.   Russia also needs to balance a world where the super power status of the USA needs to have a balance yet it is interesting to note that for first time in history Russia and China are forging ties economicaly and in world views etc., and in the BRIC groupings.



Vladimir Putin official Kremlin Photo.

The USA coming up to another election year in 2016  the trouble spots of the world are likely to be similar for the new leaders and the negativity towards Russia is not going to change much what is key will be the middle east with the sweeping changes in Saudi Arabia  made by the new ruler where will the behind the scenes strings be pulled and by whom?



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