The laws about the media for the twentieth century were formed and based from the experience gained at the end of the second World War.  The previous generation our parents risked thier lives to ensure freedom and an end to tyranny.   They would  be disgusted at the state of the media and the number of coverups they collude in.

The laws on the media were destroyed by Blair allowing far too few people to own Radio, Television , and print media such conglomerates were supposed to be limited thus limiting the danger of control and eventually propoganda.  Indeed owners control their media by the selection of people who work for them.  If they are of  a view similar to the owner and are willing to look  the other way at time and even bend or break the law to obtain the story as happened in the News of the World, case  the owners must be just as liable as the ceo should know and order what happens.  Fox news recently was taken to task by some  Virginia High School pupils look at this link  just cut and paste if it not take you direct.

THe media require this lesson if they are to help us change the world to a better one.  With the usa mercenaries in Ukraine helping the Kiev NAzis while the policy towards Russia is to attack it as the agressor??  The media like the BBC suggests Russia is the bad Guy while the Nazis who by the way have suggested Hitler should not have been defeated! – are in charge in Ukraine.  What the **** is going on you may ask!


a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

It is far overdue to get journalists following in the steps of giants like Bill Moyers in USA and the late Chapman Pincher in U.K.   The speeches out of Russian President recently sound more like speeches we would hope from the so called democratic West.  However, corporate greed and the military industrial comples men RULE  OUR WORLD with mayhem and murders that make them richer and richer.   It is long over due for the ordinary citizen to make politicians accountable again and rule FOR THE PEOPLE.   We can send a resounding message to the puppets of the rich and vote for those who are independent.  The state of the world is down to them and it aint a pretty picture economically or regard to peace.

So they have no track record of worth.   THE EU apart from Merkle seems to understand the overall big picture regarding the aim of the globalists, new world order Fourth Reich promoters.   So in UK send a coalition of the good, in the USA Elizabeth Warren and in the Eu well none of the above!

Lets see a Palestine State, and UN that is truly impartial and lets sort out the Middle East for the better it may not be our kind of democracy but lets make it what the people want not the ruling billionaire families.  From Bahrain to Baghdad and Libya to Yemen lets see a more moderate voice in charge who promote the good of thier people.




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