The  Middle East is more in the centre of world troubles than usual  Each night we hear of the Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and of course USAs bete noir Iran However a source of mine in Israel has just sent me this.


“Netanyahu is leading Israelis to hell.
Bassam Abusharif accused Benjamin Netanyahu of misleading and cheating the
world public opinion and the Israelis as well.
He accused him of playing a very dangerous and bloody role that will have
disastrous repercussions on Israelis and the area.
He criticized the USA of closing its eyes on the criminal acts of the Israeli
government, and supporting (by all means) the expansionist policy of sick people
who run things in Israel.
Abusharif Said:
“P.M. of Israel is sick mentally and he has a vicious criminal side in his mind. All the
assassinations carried by Israel since he became P.M. are ordered directly by him.
As well, all the war crimes committed against the Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians
are carried by direct orders from Netanyahu.
The Situation is getting quickly to the boiling point. President Obama is committing
as well big mistakes and crimes in Palestine. He is endangering the interests of the


returning to my sources.

It is worth remembering the source was right hand man and close confidant to Yasser Araft for many years indeed until Arafat was murdered again probably by the israelis with help for outside as the death was most likely  with something like polonium certainly a radio active poison.

The key terrorists we are told are Al Qaeda Al nusra, ISIL who seek to make a Kalifate if the intel is to be believed.  However Bin Laden was supposedly to be the Kalif! he died in 2006 acording to one of my reliable sources, not at abotabad that is why the body was dropped into the Arabian Sea.

However, the key to all these issues and the anti Islamic  fundamentalists  returns to the middle easts intractible problem of Israel Palestine.  The land grabs over the past half century by Israel with new settlements built on Palestinian farm land and also the building of really high walls making it an apartheid state.  Strange that for centuries before the second world war Palestine had jews christians and muslims all living together in peaceful coexistance .  However since the coming of the terrorist politicians in Israel remember the King David Hotel bombing!  there have been nothing but more and more pushing of the Palestinians out of thier homeland!  The United Nations needs to push for the twin State giving Palestine and israel equal status and forcing the return of Land. 

Over the years there have been lots of political moves that would make machiaveli blush.

The Israel government through their secret service often used terrorists Palestinian for their own ends often without their knowledge such as Abu Nidal who was involved with the downing of Pan Am 103 and Abu Abbas with the Auchile Lauro affair.  In each case political points for Israel.

It is also interesting how much the USA BANK ROLLS the promised land!  BIllions in aid! and even spending hundreds of millions of US taxdollars building one of the largest military bases in Israel including tunnels which they seem to object to.    There are even rumours in certain circles that Big Bob Maxwell was a victim of a Kidon team after all he was one of thier more high profile pawns whom the bankrolled.

Maybe they were worried about the Kruchkov and Mossad meeting on the Lady Ghislane, Bobs Superyacht named after his daughter. Who knows with the world of the spooks.




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