2015 Deja Vu!

As the year ends and time speeds past with the Christmas rush and a new year ahead it is time to do something I rarely do and that is some predictions .  However the older I get the more sceptical and  cynical, perhaps, I get Im brave enough to do just that for this year.  Firstly as we roll toward an American Election year is seems we have got caught in a time warp and a replay albeit not exact but in name certainly a Bush Clinton playoff!  Back in 1991 Bush took on the upstart Clinton this year I predict a Bush – Jeb playoff against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  – Clinton election choice once all the shouting is over that is in between if I turn out to be right and I so hope I am wrong, you heard it here first!

The mystery of MH370 will begin to unravel somewhat, and the chance of finding the plane in the seabed is less likely than in Diego Garcia as the shooting down of MH17 was more than likely a Ukraine shootdown not RUSSIA, while the price of oil will go back up but slowly as US and those in the background make millions out of futures suggesting the soaring price would drop and may be plateau for a while.  Putin will still be the bear they want to get rid of or at least clip his claws!   The Ruble may tumble but it the truth comes out about the economic terrorism against it in the eighties surfaces it may bounce back and China may well sell more us debt shooting the dollar downward if it ceases to be the currency for oil for China and Iran then watch that space life will get very interesting.

Turkey will become a lot less secular under Erdogan while the problem of Syria will not go away as will the PALESTINIAN PROBLEM !   The pound may take a pounding if us keeps oil prices low for their own ends but the shale industry will be dead in the water and that would be better for the water table as the chemicals pumped into the ground in this process tends to destroy water tables, it can even poison them, it also causes mini earthquakes where none was recorded before.  The Scottish independence based on oil revenues is being battered in order to try to shore up the idea that it is too volatile a resource to count on, yet the exchequer loves the massive revenues it has had off the North Sea.

A market economy means this industry  is always in flux, yet the product is vital to keep the world economy, which is built on the petrodollar system since the late 1800s, must be king and alternate energy is always the orphan economy.  After all free electricity would be possible if Tesla generators were in every town or small scale house.

Hydrogen engines would be in Cars as their only  burn off would be not a pollutant, but water H2O!   There is at least one car running in USA for years already on this system. Indeed in the sixties one Scot in Dundee figured out a part to put into the petrol engine which would make it very green doing 100 miles to the gallon of course an oil company bought the patent and destroyed the ev idence!  Also in the eighties Maggie Thatcher killed a research into Liquid Coal, by the way we had a couple of hundred years supply of the type of coal which could be liquified, as she wished to destroy the coal industry and its powerful Union.   Coal after all is a hydro carbon as is oil.  The research was at a near final stage.  The scientist was silenced by the official secrets act! So in 2015 we will still be paying over the odds for energy, cars will on the whole be petrol driven, Oil price will effect many economies and the idea of real democracy will have dimmed if there is a Bush in the Whitehouse or a ??? in number 10 and even a Sarkosy in power in France who knows there might even be a resurection of the political life of a Berlusconi in Italy! La dolce Vita however, is to be far from the ordinary citizen either side of the pond or in Europe or across the Urals.

As we get to December 2015 the only thing I can be sure of is death and taxes across the world for the poorest on the planet and the gap between rich and poor get to a level which is likely to cause history to repeat itself.  As the year ends we should learn from our forefathers, not ignore their mistakes or repeat them.  Let us hope we survive 365 days till my next new year blog where I catch up with Mentalist in skills  and give you a ringside view of 2016 !

Despite all this enjoy the season  LOVE MORE,  EAT LESS,  and exercise your vote while you still can.  Who knows there may even be another REFERENDUM OR NEVERENDUM after all Salmond will be back stirring up Westminster again and an election in Scotland may move more left than right and th SDA the new kid on the political block after a false start may put on its running shoes and go for GOLD – Independence!

I will be back after the celebrations, carol services with standing room only!, and the festive food!

2014 was quite a rollercoaster, but as Ronald Reagan used to say  YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET   and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!



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