It is a long time since the western backed media baptised some demonstrations in the middle east as the ARAB  SPRING.   The start of this was in Tunisia followed by Egypt, then Libya and Syria.  However, little or nothing was said in the same controlled media about the peaceful demonstrations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, even in Israel!   The focus was Tharir Square for weeks and despite the USA at first being hesitant to back the changes and the removal of their man Mubarak, change came, however, the Muslim Brotherhood were the winners!  Not who the USA or Israel for that matter wanted to win!  So democracy was subverted a different rent a crowd were brought in to object and more elections were needed and this is still not a done deal.





The attacks on Libya were by NATO forces and it was simply covert regime change by force and you could say judicial murder.     Eventually after weeks of bombings by NATO the casualty list was massive in comparison to the forty years of so called dictatorial government.  Due to the bombing the infrastucture was wrecked and today Libya is in a process of slow climb back to where it was forty years ago or more.  There is not any real control by the government put in by the West.  Different tribes and different groups including some who would have preferred to see Gadaffi left alone, vie for control on the ground.  The fighting ended when Col .  Muammur Gadaffi was captured and murdered by his enemies.  The facts behind this capture are murky but basically he was sold out to his enemies by the west.

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

a devastated street in Libya after NATO bombing how did that protect innocent civilians?

The focus then moved to Syria where claim and counterclaim suggested the insurgency was backed by the USA,  Qatar, even Saudi Arabia.  However, the Assad government never destabilised  by the west int he past when it was the centre for drug dealing and a haven for terrorists!   Yet when a much more sophisticated leader , educated in the west and trained  in his medical speciality in London, and still in the Assad Family took over you could havwe expected the west to at least help to stabilise this country not feed arms and men through Turkish fluid borders.  a number of years later as the US population clearly want nothin to do with involvement in other countries fights,  it seems to have been left to fester.  The result is millions of refugees  pouring across borders while the humanitarian crisis for those trapped under seige in places like Homs are left in the dark.

With this dark picture it may have been more accurate to describe it as the Middle East Midnight.   Only Russia prevented more complex problems in Syria and despite alleged threats to Putin over the winter Olympics by Saudi Arabia due to their Syrian stance there was no problem with the winter Olympics.

a heart shaped cloud over Scotland.

a heart shaped cloud over Scotland.


Today we have a wrecked country in Libya,  a wrecked economy and unstable country in Egypt.  Tunisia may be most democaratic, but not without problems.  While Syrian forces plod on to take hold of the country once again.  The Lebanon too has suffered due to the amount of refugees and have had to be involved via Hezbollah fighters.  This put Iran on the black list again of the USA along with their seeking to have nuclear power plants and being accused of seeking to get a nuclear weapon.   The USA, however, have not pushed this issue, yet sought to diminish Russian power through the unstable Ukraine.

As we hurtle through the remainder of 2014 by the end of the year it is hoped we will see a more peaceful world.




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