We all know that there are many things go on behind the scenes and in the shadows and sometimes it is for good reason.   However, when those areas are not accountable to the public at large when they break the law local, national or international there needs to be accountability.

In recent years we have been aware that governments both sides of the pond have lied!  We should not be surprised but rather saddened and make us more aware and asking our government representatives awkward questions.  The War in Iraq dossier!, load of lies!  The 9/11 no real independent investigation and indeed thousands of architects in America are now demanding the truth as they say building 7 if not the north and south towers were demolitions!    Dick Cheney, Vice president at the time stood down the Norad protections!   the Bali bomb used C4!!   The recent Boston Marathon bombing coincided with a supposed bomb security trial as the marathon was ongoing.

In the coming year we need to make it the year of truth.  Whistle blowers need to be protected and congratulated for risking their lives in some cases for revealing information to us.

The wide sweeping of the electronic world by the  NSA AND GCHQ IN UK must cease immediately! The only real rationale for this is possibly industrial espionage! remember Echelon in the Clinton era!

These kinds of ‘goings on’ have happened for decades but since 1988 they have become worse.   It is worth looking at a book entitled ‘Lockerbie to 9/11’  by Rodney Stitch a renowned journalist with a legendary back ground still working into his ninth decade!

In 2005 a young Swedish girl travelled from Edinburgh to Prestwick on her way home to Tibro Sweden.  However, sadly this journey ended in tragedy.  Her body was found on Prestwick beach on fourth December 2005 and  rather quickly the local.  Police decided this was a suicide,  due to drowning!

where Annies body was found in December 2005

where Annies body was found in December 2005








Many locals were surprised at the decision coming so quickly as little or no investigation seemed to take place.  The body found on a beach. cause of death apparently drowning ergo she must have taken her own life..????

Some years later her mother and good friend contacted me to investigate the surrounding circumstances of her death.  What I found in a look at this incident concerned me greatly.  I decided to follow Annie on her last journey.  She left from her accommodation at Lynton Court, Edinburgh about lunchtime and we suppose left to go to Prestwick via Glasgow.  Her choices of getting there come down to car, bus or train.  due to the fact I knew she was in Glasgow central station at one point before Prestwick it appears she probably took the train to Glasgow central via queen street, then onto a train to Prestwick alighting at the Airport station then crossing the bridge to the Airport and Prestwick.
Despite some complexities in the time table of where we believe she was at certain times due to other evidence she centainly reached Prestwick airport.

So from around 13:00 to 15:49 we know she is alive and well.   However,  the next part of her journey is puzzling at least to piece together.  As when she was found dead it appears she did not eat for at least six hours before her death.   Why did she leave the airport?  if not to meet a friend or eat downtown? what did she so with her last hours.  Surely the police could have got CCTV tracking her in Prestwick if she did go there.  However, no sign of an air ticket or her filofax! whey would she lose them??? Why on earth would a strong swimmer chose to use drowning as a means of suicide as any swimmer has a built in survival  reflex to swim!  Also there seems to be little or no questioning of possible witnesses. There is also the various items in the autopsy which hint strongly at defensive wounds on the outer arms below the elbow and also on the knees as if dragged along hard ground.   There is also a coincidence with her name her name Annie Katrina Borjesson.  Katrina Borjesson in american journalist who exposed the rendition flights through Prestwick, Scotland by the Bush Administration.  Both ladies spoke several languages both had parents of different origins  and Swedish mothers.
Both were blonde but a difference in ages.  Then there is the reticence of the consul for Sweden in Edinburgh to be interviewed when at first he seemed ok.  Others too were threatened if they spoke or helped in any way.

Annie deserves justice and her family deserve a closure however harsh the truth may be.

In my investigations I found out there was a price on the head of Katrina Borjesson at the time as the CIA did not like their rendition flights being discovered as it was against international law.   I have had little or no response from certain people I would have expected to help and be concerned about a young guest in their country coming to deadly harm.

If you live in Prestwick then look at the photo below and contact me if you can add to my knowledge.  send me an email.
Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 UK: Scotland License.

Katrina Borjesson near Inverness . she loved Scotland.

Katrina Borjesson near Inverness . she loved Scotland.

email me at:-

This month I renew my research to find the missing hours of Annies last day.


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