Lost Voices!!

dateline: Edinburgh

from Stewart Nicol.


The Lost voices of what happened to PA103 will take to the stage at the Storytelling Centre int he High Street Edinburgh during the Festival.   The play although fictional seeks to give voice to those who lost thier lives in a dramatic way.

It will run for some three weeks and hopes to tour over the coming months with a final performace in Edinburgh around the month of December the actual anniversary month.   It is a powerful work by playwright Lee Garshuny of the Elements theatre group.     The play which inspired it was written by Alex Wilson and was then adapted and re written by  Lee and has been edited over the past year or so and is now taking shape for its world premiere.  The company are now seeking more funding to allow the play to travel around Scotland and return to Edinburgh.  There will soon be a crowdfunding site to encourage financial support.   In the light of the Hillsborough scandalous cover up it is time for the silent voices to speak up.

The real story of Lockerbie is yet to be uncovered, but the truth will out.  There are at least two plays on at the festival time and a recent novel on the topic has attracted attention.  Those who seek to hide the truth should know in the end IT WILL COME  The lost voices will have thier say!”

the man falsely accuses of the terror attack on 103

the man falsely accused of the terror attack on 103




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