It is too soon to judge and it is not for us to judge her time in office.  However, she set in train the loose type of infrastructure and the individualism and greed which has led to the current economic crisis.  She slavishly followed the views of economist Milton Friedman and the free market economy, which Friedman himself  near death admitted was totally wrong and dangerous.

The idea that the Market can control itself suggests that people are not flawed.  Indeed, all are sinners and therefore a modicom of control is necessary if not prudent in any organised society.   Indeed recent report point out that the people in charge of HBOS  were totally unsuitable for the task  and a friend once pointed out to me that when Fred Goodwin joined RBS  a senior official resigned on moral grounds .

It is high time these men were sued for every penny they wasted of other peoples money Goodwin should have to survive on an ordinary pension. as should all the rest of the banksters.

However, it is the economy we need to get back on track and we need to get to the Global settlement fund and pay it back to all the countries which founded it.  One insider told me it stands at 59 trillion dollars or maybe euros.  It is in a private fund in Belgium high time it was repatriated.

This fund was set up after the berlin wall fell by the elite and as a bulwark against capitalism failing well unless you did not notice capitalism is failing time to sdo the rescue .


I dont understand why every newspaper is not on this track of this fund it is high time the press got back to being the peoples watchdog.

One thing is certain now Maggie will be judged by a higher power than any on earth.



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