If you follow the alternate media and compare it to the mainstream you would think you are on a different planet.  What is the truth one might ask .   If those who like conspiracy always give the alternate the upperhand then the mainstream have got to catch up.

however let us just look at some brutal facts that are accepted across a broad group of the public.  The USA is attacking the sovereignty of Pakistan using drones that can kill and many innocents civilians have died as a result over the Obama administration.

In 2009 we had a pandemic that was not a pandemic in reality if we go my normal standards. Not since SARS ub 2003 has there been so much work on the CDC and other country’s medical people.  However, the cynical would suggest that the H1N1 flu helped the flu vaccine companies and increased the public awareness of pandemics.

There are a number of mixed messages in the middle east the NATO attacked Libya the USA seem to seek a regime change in Syria, yet in Egypt the Army are still clinging to power and little comes out of America.  The media such as the BBC tv news are selective in their coverage with flooded coverage nightly of Syria, yet the island of Bahrain is still in turmoil and human rights abuses continue daily.

The Saudi Arabian country is in turmoil and there are protests which are not covered anywhere, yet there is little in the news.  The country of Israel is too getting protests as the populace is not behind Netinyhahus policies.     Yet we dont get info on that.

Come back soon for part two where we will look at the alternate internet press and the mainstream medias propoganda or not?


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