The Arab Spring began over a year ago and certainly has outlasted the season it described.  The fall of the Tunisian regime was said to trigger

a move towards democracy in the middle east never before seen.  Yet it was not Libya that fell first but rather its neighbour Egypt.  Indeed Tunis and Egypt were truly grassroots revolutions that the west did not start nor support until they had to follow the immovable force changing the political scene for better.  The fall of Libya is less clear and the way in which Nato interfered with what was not a   truly grass roots revolution but more a western inspired coup against Gadaffi more than likely backed by the U.S.A.  The way in which the NTC WERE SO QUICKLY BACKED, considering no one knew who they were or did they NATO made sure regime change was in the air.

gadaffi followers still exist.

Speaking of Regime Change that is illegal by the way, according to U.N. and international law.  Yet In Iraq the  U.S.A. AND THE U.K. both without any real reason attacked Iraq in order to remove Saddam Hussein and now over nearly a decade later the country is still in a mess.  Now Saddam was no angel, but it was the west who put him there in the first place as it did with Libya.  However, no talk of democracy is allowed when speaking of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain the island neighbour which is now linked to the mainland of Saude by a causeway which allowed the Saudi troops into help the Bahrain rulers quell the protests, yet why do we not hear on the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corp as i call it at times) of the peaceful protests going on daily to get a true democracy there the majority Shia controlled by the minority Sunni and the Ruling Family.   There is little suggestion of any regime change here.  Yet Syria is ripe for it yet if truth be told it is the CIA and Nato who are arming the anti government movements in Syria as you can see from this link –    

Clearly not popular with the U.S.A.

We need to start asking questions why this is a spring lasting six seasons, why it is favoured in some countries yet not others. U>S> may be urging Turkey to attack Syria.  Turkey is a key friend in the region and strategic at that in both the Iraq war and Syrian weapons routes.  Syria also will effect Lebanon and another U.S. anathema the Hezbollah, who now have some political clout there.

perhaps all this is to keep us looking in the wrong direction and the  stolen Wanta funds and the Global Settlement Funds.

These are rumoured, if they exist, and Emilio Wanta tells me they do, to be worth some 80 trillion dollars, yes I said Trillion.

Come back for more there is enough to give everyone living in the world a cheque for  not an inconsiderable sum boy that would

solve the economic downturn.

Hussein Mousavi of Iran would america warm to him rather than the current regime?

come back for more soon.





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