Nearly 24 years on the cover up of the Lockerbie disaster is fraying at last at the edges.  The Politicians who seek to keep it that way as well as they have used and discarded may well turn on them and justice may well begin to be done.  The recent death of Abdel Baset (El Megrahi) in civil war torn Libya yet another US led coup against The late Col. Qadaffi of whom Secretary Schultz once said “we should give him AIDS!” ,  after yet another unsuccessful coup against the leader of Libya.  In 1988 the U.S. shot down the civil airline (knowingly) of Iran Air yet another country the U.S. hated as it would not bend to their views the result of this act was the death in December 1988 of all those on PA103 and 11 local residents of Lockerbie in South west Scotland.

The demise of that aircraft is shrouded in  mystery and cloacked in lies and injustices and there have been a myriad of victims of this disaster in the decades following it, especially a Lobbyist called William C. Chasey,  Shirley McKee, and a number of honest cops who refused to lie in court as well as journalist bribed to not tell the story with government jobs.  They took the filfthy lucre, but they will not escape their fate in the next world they broke the honourable code.   Indeed journalist who sought to tell the tale many years ago had their phone tapped and other disasters befell them en route to the goal of the truth.

The demise of the man wrongly blamed for the deed will perhaps bring the beginning of Justice as an appeal long overdue is reopened and as Professor Black once said to me if it is carried out properly it will lead to a better class of prisoner in Barlinnie and advocate general or two and some Judges as well as some very senior police .  There are those in the police who know this case is all wrong but fail to speak out.  Now is the time for them to join the Golfer and for those in the SCCRC to stop shying away from the black CIA’s involvement in the blowing up of the plane and the subsequent cover up.

In the terms of the Scottish Judicial System the seeking to put Colin Boyd on the bench would be the greatest injustice in history a man who prosecuted a flase case with no evidence and his predecssor was worse announcing indictments with out a shred of evidence to back them breaking the sacred duty of his office to ensure evidence is there and is correctly gathered and documented none was in the hands of the crown office then only a promise from the CIA! If a trial came about – and they never expected that – they would produce the evidence. Ha!

In the coming months I hope to report on the end game of this case one I have researched for over a decade from New York to Zurich and back.  Come back for the real truth about a heinous crime to cover up the mass murder of 300 airline passengers from Iran, by a U.S. ship which was within  Iranian waters illegally at the time and a crime to cover up a scandal that the eight good CIA team were bringing back from the middle east.  Those hiding this have realised they were bringing back a scandal which would make Watergate look like a sunday school picnic! not my words but those of a reliable source.

The truth cannot be hidden several books about this case as well as a documentary I was involved in call Lockerbie and the CIA with Danny Wallace have reached the public so why is it taking so long for the truth to come out because those in power or belhind  power pull the levers to protect themselves and have the money and knowhow to do is effectively, but not forever.

Next blog will be an interview with someone who lost a loved one in the disaster..

Two points worth mulling over : – at least two people should have survived and the sheer scale of the devastation of the plane tell you that the bomb described at the court case in Camp Zeist would not have done that damage to a strengthened plane  as PA103 was.  Just over a year before it went through the CRAF programme which basically strengthened the whole fuselage and added a Cargo door the floor was also strengthened as is would have been used to carry military munitions or vehicles to any battle it was commandeered for  such as in 1991 first Gulf War against Iraq.

see you soon!

Stewart Nicol


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