The first month of an interesting year.  2012 is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and already we have had the sinking of the COSTA CONCORDIA, just off the Italian coast where a month earlier a U.S.A. submarine was involved with an incident which was covered up! The Italian government are still trying to get to the bottom of this incident off the Sardinian coast not too far away from the Concordia’s demise!   The year is also mooted by the doomsayers as the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar that is, however,  few use this time measure today.  It is the year of an American Presidential election where yet another Bush may grow into the White House!   The range of lacklustre candidates on the republican side may well see Jeb Bush rolled out prior to the election.

Obama on the other hand has a couple of  Mount Everests to climb.  His economic record is dire and on closing Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay!) he has yet to deliver and on the use of deadly drones he is astronomically ahead of the former Bush Administration on collateral damage deaths in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and other points of the compass.   The Eurozone is in turmoil and the threat of a major sovereign country defaulting is rising as the amount of pressure on the Euro and the Eurozone increases.  However, if we step back a little we need to ask why certain things are not being followed up and the mainstream media instead of being ahead of the curve and asking some pertinent questions seems to simply wait for the Press release or the approved agenda.

Firstly they need to find out if the Giga fund exists. IN Belgium though by the alternative media to be in excess of 50 Trillion, yes I said Trillion.

secondly they need to see if Lee Emilio Wanta’s 23.7 trillion and yes I said Trillion is in limbo in Virginia between the Federal Reserve of Richmond Virginia and the bank account in the Bank of ~America instead of being released to AMERITRUST  GROUPE AND YES IT IS GROUPE WITH AN E!

Thirdly why is the rating agencies ALL AMERICAN  downgrading the Eurozone piling more pressure on the euro which the almighty dollar does not want to succeed after all China, Iran and Libya all wanted another reserve currency and so did Saddam Hussein!  That would undoubtedly have been the Euro not the pound!

Whatever the merits or otherwise of the Euro if the uk had been in there  it would not suit the almighty dollar to damage it! Let me have some feedback on all these three points please!

oh and where has all the missing money gone ?  Despite the ups and downs of the market the money which is used to purchase these it does not disappear.


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