As the innocent man dies in Libya this year may well be the year when the beginning of the truth on that conspiracy begins to be revealed from the shadows.  The governments who have hidden the truth from early on to protect their own skins and who knows the billions in damages to repay Libya the wrongly blamed target to suit political ends .

This year we may well hear a lot more of Kaiser Haddad aka Abu Elias,  Jibril, Syria, Drugs and arms dealers such as Monzer al Kassar, Mhotashemi, Naqqashani! et al.

tune in soon for our  exclusives that the newspapers and mainstream media have colluded in hiding for over two decades.




  1. Have followed Lockerbie for years and the disinformation and ignorance (by the media) surrounding this affairs continues to annoy and anger me.

    In 2003 when writing about other thwarted and sabotaged ISA (Intelligence Service Agency) operations including the doomed hostage rescue attempt we threatened with legal action by former National Security Adviser Richard V Allen (APCO, Americans For Democracy in Chechnya, Yuko Oil Russia [Balkans], defence adviser to Bush junior) who like former NSA chief and a convicted Iran Contra Affair* felon Robert McFarlane has extensive business connection in NZ.

    *Resulting in Oliver North buying with the aide of Monser Al Kassar extensive eastern European small arms and US made surface to air missiles used to arm not just right wing guerrillas but Mujaheddin force first in Afghanistan in the 80’s before continuing on afterwards in Bosnia and Chechnya in 90’s [with weapons smuggled in via aircraft charter to transport UN peace keeping forces and humanitarian aide) with funds routed banks such as Altaqwa Lugarno Switzerland

    Our crime listing his role in leaking information on the rescue operation to the press as part of the October Surprise.

    We refused to back down and Allen vanished as he had appeared but not before ID that the entire affair which led in my opinion to the Iran Contra scandal the Layfette Washington DC meeting between Allen, McFarlane and alleged Iranian envoys was instigated “ostensibly” by McFarlane boss at the time Senator John Towers. Towers being the very same senator who chaired the senate investigations that cleared Bush senior and Regan from any wrong doing despite is role in having instigated the entire affair from the get go.

    Through out the 90’s numerous firm have been iD in NZ alongside domestic aircraft involved in arming Muslim militant and warlords in addition to the Indian Government conducting investigation of similar firms tied to the 1987 assassination of Indian Rajv Ghandi, specifically those linked to arms dealer KP of the Tamil Tigers LTTE Sri Lanka.

    KP is ID in the 1991 Indian inquiry into Ghandi’s deaths, the Justic Jain inquiry, as being linked to account used to arms the Muslim Brotherhood then led by Muslim Brigade commander (Bosnia) Dr Ayman Al Zawari Osama Bin Laden 2IC who with CIA support recruit likely recruit for such wars in the Balkans by coming to Brooklyn where he visited the same mosque used by the 9/11 terrorist funded by Al Queda via the bank Altaqwa. FACTS that’s are all a mater of public record and can be found in the mainstream media if you other to look. The same account held at the Moarco and London branches of the Bank Credit & Commerce International also funded the Turkish KKP (Grey Wolves) and Monzer Al Kassar a known asset of M16.

    The account was managed by Saudi Arms dealer Adnan Kasshoggi a co-founder in Chechnya’s Commerce International Bank (CCIB) and used to conduct covert arms deals and engineer terrorist attacks and assassination.

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