As the year which in the U.K will be dominated by two events : the Olympic Games and the Queen’s  Diamond Jubilee, we  are facing one of the most difficult times ahead.  Back in 2001 the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the U.K. lied and took both countries military into an unnecessary war.  Bush and Blair are guilty of  causing thousands of deaths both in their military and countless hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.   It was a move which is worth of prosecution for a war crime.

Blair and Clinton had their war in Bosnia to deal with again thousands died.  Much of the trouble being fomented by dark forces linked to governments tenuously or otherwise.

However, BLAIR AND BUSH financially thrive at a time of economic pain beyond the pale.  Indeed not satisfied with that the Bush administration were in some nimble financial wizardry to hid and block  $23.7 trillion dollars from reaching the people it belongs too.  Just ask Ambassador Lee Wanta if you dont believe me!

In the new year our resolution must be to get back to men of integrity, and morals not men of questionnable   morals and full of greed!

Interesting that Blair is the only ex prime minister I know of whom is a multi millionaire and still wants more!  The homeless should be housed in his extra properties he owns at least four possibly six including john Guilguds old home.

We need to be on our guard in the U.S.A there is an election next year and this president either cant or wont  put into practice his promises of CHANGE!  LET US HOPE FOR NEW HONEST  LEADERSHIP IN THE WORLD. IT MAY TAKE A QUANTUM LEAP BUT THAT IS POSSIBLE IF WE ALL FOCUS TOGETHER. THE 99% NEED TO ACTIVATE IN A BIG WAY



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