The news on the BBC has switched from LIBYA,  to  SYRIA AND IRAN.  Now I know full well that the news world works at jet speed these days.

When it was once a month before we in the U.K. knew what was going on in the battle field today with the Internet, mobile phones, satellite communication it is matters of seconds and milliseconds.  however, just because of the speed it does not change the need for accuracy.  the spin on political news the hiding of real plans and the constant dis information has all contributed to the mess economically too..   We need to get back to basics as one Prime Minister said. A PM who did to cow tow to MURDOCH.

Come back next week for a hard  hitting editorial on the current world state and how it all links in to those behind the scenes pulling the strings and at the same time pulling the wool over our eyes so they march off with the money, gold, oil revenues and leave a trail of wreckage which keeps us busy tidying it up.

Remember this girls has been missing for



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